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LINK Mobility and PSWinCom have merged into one company

10 septiembre 2015

Our branch is part of the most dynamic businesses in the world, constantly in need for adjustments and changes. The challenges according to this, gives us motivation to to always give our best effords. It helps us to serve our customers with value adding services, good advice, guidance and support.

We shall continue to be an innovative leader in this market, that exceeds our customers expectations!

A couple of years ago, we defined some tough goals:


  • We should be the number one supplier of mobile services in Norden
  • We should sell for more than NOK 300 millions
  • We should be present in Norway, Sweeden, Denmark, Finland and the Baltics


All this goals have not yet been accomplished, but we are heading in the right direction. The acquisition of PSWinCom was of particulary important in relation to the first part of our goals.

The technology, the services and especially the employees have been a strong part in making us the number one supplier with the highest expertise.

Link Mobility and PSWinCom have been working with much of the same deliveries, but from different angels and with various solutions. PSWinCom has had a more technical approach in the market, while LINK has had a stronger marketing perspective. Together we now offers a complete specter of services and mobile solutions, and rises as the right partner for both existing and new customers, whatever their needs for mobile solutions are.

We deliver the complete specter, from simple SMS bulk solutions, to highly advanced solutions for mobile payment. Our major area of expertice is important for us to grow together with our customers and partners.

Our expertice – your safety!

LINK is at technology company, and it is easy to focus on this as our most important resource, but in my perspective, it is the brains of our employees that has created our IP. It is our employees that are our main value, their force to move on, creating new value for our customers, makes us who we are.
We do this by asking:



  • How can we íncrease our customers income?
  • How can we increase our customers satisfaction with us?
  • How can we increase our customers productivity
  • How can we better support our customers main business?

We will alway continue to ask these questions and to be an active partner for our customers, helping them expanding their business.

LINK is a sucess story that never could have been possible without the contribution from our customers and dedicatet co-workers. We have shared an incredible journey so far, and we look forward to the exciting future together with both existing and new customers.

It has been, and still is, an amazing privileged to be a part of this, and a huge responsibility with enormous possibilities.

Johan Andersen
Link Mobility AS

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