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Less hassle at the LINK Mobility breakfast seminar

10 noviembre 2015

Getting the right data to the right people. That was one of the challenges discussed at a LINK Mobility breakfast seminar held at the highly regarded Stockholm department store Nordiska Kompaniet on November 4th. Forty guests showed up for the breakfast delicacies served and to hear Mona Adawi of Hemtex and Christer Engström of Trygg-Hansa speak.

Mona Adawi, Hemtex

Mona Adawi, CRM Manager at Hemtex.

Mona Adawi is the CRM manager of Swedish textile retailer Hemtex, who recently won “Customer club of the year” at the Swedish Retail Awards. She took her audience through the total overhaul of moving from an old, credit card driven customer club to the very successful “Studio Hemtex”. A process heavily focused on getting the right data to the right people.

The company is experiencing a boom due to this project and the amount of loyal repeat customers is now larger than the entire previous membership base. As a result the customer lifetime value of active customers in the club has increased a lot.

LINK Mobility has many large retailer clients. Mona Adawi’s speech gave several relevant insights into the challenges they face today.

Christer Engström, Trygg-Hansa

Christer Engström,Trygg-Hansa, introducing «Hämtservice».

Next up was Christer Engström from one of Sweden’s largest insurance companies: Trygg-Hansa.

He introduced his audience to a brand new pick up service for damaged cars (Hämtservice). LINK Mobility has provided Trygg-Hansa with a lot of the technology behind the product, including the app and the back office systems that insurance agents, repair shops and rental firms use. (See introduction here).

The beauty of the product lies in its simplicity. It takes a lot of the hassle out of having a car accident, settling Trygg-Hansa’s position as a premium brand in car insurance.

The seminar ended with an open discussion centered on the question of app vs. web and how to approach that everlasting discussion. Several participants mentioned the usefulness of iBeacon in retail. Another trend mentioned was the increasing amount of customers who perform actual purchases on their mobile units.

Fredrik Bengtsson, LINK Mobility

Fredrik Bengtsson, Mobile Business Developer at LINK Mobility.

The guests represented companies such as Adlibris, Aftonbladet, ATG, BestOfBrands, Bonnier Tidskrifter, Bonnierförlagen, Clearon, Cloudberry, Compost, ComHem, Cykloteket, Easypark, Granngården, Hästens, IF, Kaplan, Lensway, Lundalogik, McDonalds, NetonNet, Retain24, Revide, Rituals, Stena Line, Swedbank Fastighetsbyrån, The Bodyshop, Trygg Hansa, Turner Nordic & Baltic.

LINK would like to thank everybody that showed up and especially the speakers Mona Adawi and Christer Engström.


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