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Your SMS campaigns, just a click away

Your SMS campaigns, just a click away

After informing you about our new web platform in our last newsletter, in this one we would like to share the improvements that we have introduced specifically in the area of SMS campaigns. Get in touch with us through your account manager to access the platform and confirm that management is now easier and more functional than ever. On the old platform the client area was handled from a single page and the options for each of the services offered by LINK Mobility (in this case SMS) also appeared on a single page.

On the new web, everything is very visual, with a simpler front page displayed horizontally; the menus are more compartmentalized and the structure allows for a more intuitive use. This means you can create your SMS campaigns and monitor them in a really straightforward and satisfactory way.

Campaigns, step by step

Our new web platform will guide you step by step through all the stages of creating your campaign:

  1. Invoicing details: the first step is to assign the cost of each campaign according to your objectives.
  2. Drafting the SMS: next you access the section where you enter the text of the SMS. There is a limit of 160 characters and if you pass this, it will automatically be counted as two messages. This is where you also fill in the details of the sender and the recipient, and here is where you choose the databases to which you want to send it (these may already be uploaded to the platform, if not they can be selected during this step).
  3. Scheduling: if you don’t want to send the campaign immediately, you can plan it so it is sent at a determined moment (a specific date and time). You can also programme a start and end time for the campaign, to avoid schedules that are inconvenient for the recipient.
  4. Summary of campaigns: before sending the definitive campaign, a detailed report with all the data introduced is generated, which allows you to check that everything is correct.
  5. Online and offline monitoring: the campaign query function is a very useful option – online if the messages are still in the process of being sent, or offline if they have already been sent. This allows you to check if the process has been successfully completed: if the SMS have reached the recipients, if they are pending, if they are duplicated, if they have been sent to numbers that do not exist, etc.

Furthermore, once everything has been done, the templates can be saved and the process continued later.

And on top of all that, with just a single click the new platform gives you the possibility of sending a certified SMS with all legal guarantees.

In the end, as always, our objective is to try to evolve and improve to give you the most optimum and user-friendly service possible

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