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Your purchases via SMS are totally secure

Your purchases via SMS are totally secure

Despite the fact that online purchases are becoming increasingly common, and e-commerce is becoming more and more mobile, not all users trust the security of this type of transaction.

For optimal results, you can use SMS messages. It is a rapid, efficient and totally secure communication channel that provides a second security check during the purchase process, serving as an authentication required to complete the action. This is called “two-factor authentication”.

When making a purchase with a card, the user enters his/her information online, and subsequently receives an SMS with a code that is used to finalise the purchase. If both processes are completed, the purchase is 100% secure.


Total reliability

Two-factor authentication makes it “very difficult to impersonate, at the same time and in less than a minute, the identity of the online shopper as well as the identity of the mobile phone”, says Tiago Martins, Marketing Director at LINK Mobility Spain. SMS is therefore a great ally for e-commerce. But it is also an ideal communication channel for important and secure actions. As well as receiving verification codes for the completion of purchases, SMS messages are also used for reminders of doctor’s appointments, notices regarding the receipt of packages, bank authentications, and even our children’s absences from school.

The A2P (Application-to-Person) market is booming; in Spain this year it has increase by 20%, reaching 228 million SMS messages a month. 44% of this market, or 100 million SMS messages a month, are being sent by LINK Mobility Spain.

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