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Winning the ground with SMS Inbound

22 April 2019

In the terrain of non-intrusive marketing and quality content, which aims to accompany the user from their initial attraction all the way to achieving loyalty, SMS messages manage to capture the customer and maintain that motivation through effective interaction. At the same time this is the most immediate channel, recording opening rates of around 90% in the first three minutes. Thus, short messages within inbound marketing are an excellent way to reach the user in a subtle but direct way, always attending to their needs to achieve the final conversion.

This is a long road focused on the sale of the product or service but, above all, on creating an interest and trust between the company and its customers that goes much further than that.

How do you achieve this?

Step by step examples

Several strategies can be adopted to subtly but effectively connect with users from the start, turning them into leads and building loyalty. Here are some examples of how inbound SMS marketing works:

1-Attract: the first great effort is to make yourself known and be seen occasionally, appealing to the interest, need or curiosity of the user. Send a personalised SMS, in which your company is well identified, informing about a product or service of interest and offering something in return. For example, you can invite the user to participate in a draw or promotion.

In the field of NGOs SMS are really useful to provide information about campaigns and generate that initial interest.

2-Convert: this is about turning the visitor into a lead. The recipient is already interested in you and is looking for you. For this reason, you can send a subscription SMS and direct the user to a landing page where there is a powerful call to action (introducing the short URL in the body of the message).

3-Close: this is when the sale is made. You need to understand the needs and motivations of the client and sending an SMS with a brief survey can be useful to do this.

4-Loyalty: once the purchase has been made, you want the user to stay with you forever. How about sending them some discount coupons by SMS?. You can also send another survey, this time to check customer satisfaction or correct errors.

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