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What should you look for when choosing an email marketing provider?

15 February 2016

Digital marketing is an ever-changing world; every day a new technology is created or a different communication strategy is developed.

Everybody knows that nowadays it is very important to have a clear idea about how you are going to reach your target audience, attract new users and potential customers; email marketing helps you a lot with this, and now more than ever before.

Email marketing continues to be essential and companies are still opting to use it, despite the influence of social networks which, perhaps since 2011, have reduced its market share.

But of course, it is a personalised communication channel that allows you to establish regular and close communication with your customers. It is also possible to target recipients by their age, location or other parameters, which means that you can identify their interests.

However, it is essential for any company that wants to invest in communication to choose a provider that guarantees a secure and professional service, so we at LINK Mobility are offering you some tips on how to make the right choice.

Your choice should be based on one main factor: the reputation of the provider’s server.

But what does the reputation of the server consist of? It consists of improving your credibility and standing with the ISPs. And how do you achieve this? By looking after your server by following these simple tips and procedures.

  1. Keep the databases clean
    Complying with quality standards. Using double opt-in lists is a very good practice, because this allows you to ensure that your recipients are contacts who actually subscribed to the newsletter service. It is also essential to keep the database free of any misspelled accounts that are non-existent or cause frequent bounces.
  2. Locate the server in Spain or Europe
    Having a server in some Latin American, African and Asian countries may be cheap, but it entails certain security and data protection risks. Furthermore, they often do not comply with the requirements imposed by the Spanish data protection agency’s data protection act (LOPD).
  3. Maintain a steady and constant frequency of sending emails
    This practice not only improves your credibility with ISPs, but also among the recipients, who will view the message sending service as reliable and professional. This will make sure that the recipients do not mark your emails as SPAM (provided that the content is interesting… ☺)
  4. Make the process of unsubscribing simple for users
    This is another way of making sure that the recipients of your emails do not mark them as SPAM.
  5. Continue monitoring the servers
    24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the messages sent for each campaign

I hope that this brief guide will help you to choose the best provider. For your information, nobody looks after their servers like we do at LINK Mobility.

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