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Valentine’s Day: marketing to fall in love with

31 January 2020

Brands must have a presence on Valentine’s Day and launch specific actions to take advantage of the “consumerism of love”. Whether from conviction or motivated by the date, users will spend money on this day, making it another of the outstanding opportunities for marketers.

Moreover, according to data from recent years, eCommerce is the king of this date: more than 70% of Valentine’s Day purchases are made over the Internet.

At LINK Mobility we will tell you everything you need to know about Valentine’s Day to better prepare your multi-channel campaign.

Make a place for yourself in your customers’ hearts!


What is the best mobile marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day?

Having an overview of user behaviour on Valentine’s Day and which are the key products to give away is fundamental to implementing your marketing actions. For example, curiously enough, it is not so much the offer or the discount that users are seeking, so much as finding the perfect gift to please the partner. Therefore, you must present marketing campaigns through the mobile phone that are as attractive and innovative as possible and focused on those specific products.

Gift preferences have been changing and although the sectors of jewellery, flowers (the red rose is the most popular flower, accounting for 90% of sales), perfumes or clothing still have their audience, more and more lovers are giving technological products, experiences, travel or gastronomic pleasures (the favourite of Millennials). At the opposite end of the spectrum, household appliances or stuffed animals are the least desired gifts according to a survey by the Picodi shopping website. Obviously, tastes vary between men and women.

But if you explore further, you will discover that users also give gifts to their pets and even to themselves: self-gifts have become fashionable in recent years. In addition, some singles are encouraged to indulge on February 14th, so you can capture them with a worthwhile discount. We suggest you ensure you stand out with RICH SMS, a perfect solution for the Valentine’s Day campaign, using a good creative piece with a powerful incentive where the conversion grows exponentially.

Therefore, a good marketing strategy must succeed in offering some type of product or service designed to be consumed during Valentine’s Day by a very diverse public; it is a question of finding the best way to tempt the user. You need to be a source of inspiration.


How do you get your consumers to fall in love with you?

To achieve the best possible results you have to pay attention to:

*Times: “lovers” usually start looking for a gift for their partner during the last week of January or the first week of February. However according to data provided by Google, 80% of people buy it during the week of 14 February, and this year it falls on a Friday, which makes it easier to buy. Plan ahead and launch your most persuasive campaigns with these dates in mind.

*Channels: your marketing actions must be distributed across all channels so that you do not leave out any kind of user. An example of this is the Millennials – more than 50% give gifts on Valentine’s Day according to a study by the French shopping website Ventee Privee. This group are stuck to their mobile phones and are very active on social networks. In fact, Google also highlights that Valentine’s Day searches via smartphones have experienced an annual growth of 18%. The mobile will definitely be playing a special role during this holiday.

*Reservations: companies in the hotel and restaurant sector must ensure that everything related to making reservations works perfectly so as not to lose customers during the process. In 2019, the booking portal recorded growth of over 30% in online reservations for restaurants during Valentine’s Day.

*Returns: consumers don’t always get their Valentine’s Day gifts right, so offering facilities for returns is essential.

In short, making an impact on the user by all possible means, helping him/her to make his/her choice, facilitating the purchase of the product or service and possible returns are the keys to success.

From LINK Mobility Spain we can create a 360º marketing action to achieve the best results that is adapted to every need, thanks to the solutions we offer.




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