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Trends in Inbound Marketing: Smart Forms, Predictive Lead Scoring and Data Collection through the SMS Channel. 

5 August 2020

Inbound Marketing first started to be used in 2005, and although its objective has remained the same – namely, to attract potential customers organically and build up their loyalty – the techniques employed have evolved significantly over the last 15 years.

Recently, new trends have emerged in Inbound Marketing, the most notable of which are smart forms, predictive lead scoring and data collection through the SMS channel.

Smart forms

These are lead capture tools that segment the data, allowing us to obtain the relevant information of value and identify whether it is an interesting lead for our company.

Unlike other forms, smart forms collect data and store it in a database, inserting a cookie into the user’s browser so that, when a user is recognised, the form will request different information, rather than requesting information we already have.

Predictive lead scoring

The leads we get have to pass a scoring process, which allows us to know whether to assign a customer to the sales phase (when he/she is ready to buy), or alternatively whether we should continue with the marketing plan, or else abandon the customer entirely.

The advantage this method has over traditional lead scoring is that the process is automated through an algorithm, which analyses the attributes a customer shares with others who have already made the purchase, and assigns them a conversion percentage.


Data collection through the SMS channel

LinkMobility has the perfect solution for obtaining and updating your customer data, generating invitations and registrations, creating surveys or contests, or obtaining consents and ratings, through a channel that has one of the highest opening rates: the SMS.

The Link Collect system will help your company to:

•Establish a customer portfolio or loyalty programme.

•Update existing data and collect new data.

•Find out what your customers think.

•Interact with your customers through invitations, coupons or stamps.

•Personalise your communication with each customer.

•Achieve direct and individualised communication.

Communicate in 5 simple steps, using a multichannel and completely secure approach (GDPR). Make the most of Inbound Marketing through LINK Mobility.

For more information, click here.

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