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Traffic Generation Loves SMS

Traffic Generation Loves SMS

The sales have begun (first, second…) and now we are in the middle of the pre-season collections. In the world of retail time waits for no one and we are left with no other choice than to get in ahead or die.

During the summer campaign we saw how SMS has again taken on the prominent role of previous years. And we can confirm that retailers love SMS as a vehicle for quickly and instantly attracting clients to the point of sale. The campaigns are virtually intraday, as a broker would say, and those clients that we have been able to speak to about the behaviour of traffic at point of sale have confirmed this.

During these conversations, which we hope will soon be transformed into collaborative working breakfasts, one of the weak points seems to have been the low number of entries in our clients’ databases, which has on occasion limited the success of these campaigns.

Therefore, like homework to be done before going back to school, we are resolving to work with our clients on actions that will allow them to increase the number of entries. And along the same lines, to equip the retail sector with tools that will help automate their databases in a digital environment.

We wish you all a good start to August which, given the choice, we hope will not be as hot as July.

See you when we get back.

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