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The text message is still on the front line

23 October 2018

It is already more than 25 years old and although it has lost a bit of its protagonism in the private arena, the SMS has found its niche in the worlds of business and government. In fact, statistics show that SMS marketing campaigns can have an impact that is up to seven times higher than that of email marketing.

This channel is ideal for offering products and services, thanks to the fact that it has continued to develop, that its infrastructure is solid and effective, and that it is totally secure. And with the RCS commercial messaging service in the making, which will allow a more complete and interactive communication through text messages, SMS still has a lot to say.

Don’t get left behind!

Innovate or die

We have already talked about the advantages of the SMS and some of its uses. And the fact is that this communication channel has been innovating and overcoming obstacles to achieve its full potential. To deal with the limitation in characters, we can turn to concatenated SMS; if we need to send more than text, we can use enriched SMS; if additional security is required, we have certified SMS.

And so, companies and public administrations have been using SMS as an effective communication channel that is increasingly useful: from issuing fines to bitcoin wallets, or even applications that allow you to turn off your phone remotely via an SMS… One of the latest initiatives is that of the U.S. government, that has tested a new SMS alert system to prepare for potential emergency situations.

In short, you have to make the most of all its potential, as well as being on guard against certain formats, such as Premium SMS, to avoid possible frauds.

LINK Mobility offers you all the rigour, effectiveness and safety you need.

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