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The secrets of a good call to action

6 March 2017

It is essential in any online strategy to ensure the recipient actually carries out the action we propose; in order words, having an efficient Call to Action (CTA). We may have a lot of visits to our landing pages or many people may view our email, but at the end of the day that necessary action does not come about and, thus, conversion.

However, something which on the face of it seems so “simple” like placing a button to perform the action entails much more… Some tricks in this regard will help us improve our results.

1. The button’s design, format and position

Placing the button in the area where it is most visible, along with the other elements at a wise distance so it can be easily identified; giving it the right size and a colour which attracts attention (several studies suggest that one of the colours that works best is orange, since our brains focus more on it, thereby exerting an influence on increasing CTR); and, lastly, including some kind of icon which identifies the action to be done (like, for example, a shopping cart in the case of purchases, an arrow for downloads or a star to indicate a premium service) are crucial things which should be kept in mind. It is also essential to be able to differentiate what is clickable.

2. An “urgent” text

We insist once again on the importance creating a sense of urgency has in marketing. That is to say, the call to action’s text has to convey a message which impels the recipient to click on it because otherwise he/she will lose a great opportunity. To achieve this, formulas like “only now”, “last few items”, “enjoy today” or “get it now” can be used.

3. With all the facilities

The very action you want to achieve and what the recipient will obtain in exchange should be made clear, making the task as easy as possible. It will therefore be very useful to include the necessary technical requirements if the proposal is to download an app, registration should take less than a minute if one has to register, or point out that the action proposed is totally free, among many other possibilities. To sum up, make the processes clear, simple and brief.

4. Be creative

Marketing and creativity are concepts which should always go hand in hand. Therefore try to innovate and do not use the same formulas as everybody else. Try to “seduce” the recipient. For instance, the text on a button to purchase a product could say “Its mine”. To attend an event, it could read “I want to go” or, to take advantage of an offer, it could say “I want this discount”.

At LINK Mobility we can help you out with your SMS, SMS SITE and email marketing campaigns to achieve the best results and obtain the very best detailed reports.

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