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The power of the newsletter

27 June 2018

Within marketing strategies, the newsletter is a valuable tool that serves as communication between a company and its customers, partners or suppliers. Its main objective is informative, mainly covering information about the company, but it also includes topics relevant to the sector in question. In addition, it can be used to present offers and promotions, new product launches or exclusive content.

This kind of communication helps build a relationship of trust with each recipient and, therefore, it becomes a recurring appointment that shouldn’t be neglected.

At LINK Mobility we are very proud of our newsletters, whose image we have recently changed, achieving open rates of up to 35%.

5 keys to successful newsletters

1- Interesting content: one of the main advantages of the newsletter is that it is targeted at recipients who have a real interest in the company and its services or products. It is essential to carefully choose the contents, to keep readers informed and avoid losing their interest. To do this, from time to time include some “surprises” or curiosities that will be motivating.

2- Care of the brand image: through the newsletter you can come closer to your customers and communicate with them. It is a good tool for branding and customer loyalty, which generates trust.

3- Appropriate segmentation: a newsletter should not aim to reach many recipients, but rather the right recipients. Therefore, each newsletter must respond to relevant segmentation of the database.

4- Periodicity: keep to the periodicity established for the newsletter. Subscribers are accustomed to receiving it from time to time and, although you can modify on certain occasions, it is important to maintain regularity.

5- Ease of subscription: it is ideal if from the company webpage, the various social networks or any medium of communication (both off-line and on-line) the possibility of subscribing to the newsletter is offered, preferably for free. But, it is also important to implement options enabling the initial recipients to forward or share interesting content with other readers.

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