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The mobile phone, increasingly indispensable

6 November 2018

According to a report by Ipsos Global Advisor, the Spanish occupy fourth place at European level and thirteenth in the world ranking for the use of mobile phones for making purchases over the Internet.

These statistics and surveys point to the clear success of everything mobile-related, and the Centennials (the new generation of consumers who follow the Millennials) endorse this, not to mention the so-called Generation T (born after 2010), who relate to products/services almost exclusively through a digital display.

And marketing must adapt to this: changes in social trends lead to new business challenges.

Brands position themselves for the world of mobile

It may well be that generational change is the main force leading to the mobile’s position at the focal point of all marketing plans. According to the research and consulting firm Kantar, Centennials, the next generation after Millennials, use their smartphones 30% more than adults over the age of 21, and spend up to 35% more time on their devices throughout the day. These are just some of the data that can be found in the report “Centennials a los 21“, which also points out that this new generation of consumers has an influence on major decisions regarding household expenditure.

Furthermore, online buying trends reflected in IAB Spain‘s annual survey eCommerce 2018 indicate that 45% of respondents make purchases using their smartphone and – a curious piece of data – that 60% of online shoppers wait for special moments like Black Friday or for discount coupons before “taking action”.

Marketing must therefore focus on these new consumers and respond to their needs. The future of advertising is already geared to that purpose, because according to the forecasts of the market research company eMarketer, by 2020 43% of all advertising spending will be destined for the mobile environment, surpassing spending on television for the first time.



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