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The keys to email marketing in an inbound strategy

The keys to email marketing in an inbound strategy

The cornerstone of a good email marketing campaign is the quality of your leads. But that is not all; let’s examine the process and look at some of the points that we tend to forget.

We need contacts from genuine potential customers who are interested in our products and services. Ideally you should develop an online marketing strategy that allows the leads to develop by creating specific campaigns for cold leads, marketing qualified leads and qualified sales leads, working to improve the different parts of your conversion funnel.

Furthermore, the key to this process is creating content for each campaign that manages to consolidate your target market. You need to create value for the target market by meeting a need or to provide added value that people love so much that they want to spread the word. Because your social networks can play an important role in email marketing; they are another way of continuing to get leads.

Another option that is often overlooked in email marketing is requesting feedback: your target customers can answer you and you can incentivise this so that you continue to learn more about them, to help with segmentation.

Gradually accompany your target customers along the conversion funnel and pick the right time to send your conversion campaign.

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link mobility - The keys to email marketing in an inbound strategy