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The eCommerce to come in 2019

The eCommerce to come in 2019

Electronic commerce, that successful relationship between the seller and the consumer over the internet, is facing a year of challenges and new shopping experiences. A huge boom is expected, along with ever more competition, so eCommerce traders must be prepared: you need a professional website in the best possible digital health, making offers at the right time and in the right way, and providing the best facilities for online purchases. The speed of delivery is one of the keys to success!


3 key trends

1-Mobile commerce: this is the fundamental trend, because shoppers are increasingly making purchases using their smartphone. This means that all online shops should offer platforms tailored to mobile devices (and enabling rapid navigation). Many other users prefer an app to make their online purchases.

2-Visual commerce: as the classic quote goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. A good visual presentation is essential if you are going to buy something that you can neither see nor touch physically (this applies to both image and video). However, eBay is already investing heavily in this visual component, with new experiences for buyers such as Image Search.

3-Personalised recommendations: If you know your users well, you will be able to offer a successful shopping experience; better still if it is in real time. Thanks to automated learning, suggestions and recommendations are becoming very effective. Interaction with the user is essential.


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