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The 5 keys of database marketing

19 July 2016

A good database is a fundamental tool for any company; on it depends the effectiveness of its marketing strategies and campaigns. The more carefully it is built and the more thoroughly it is enriched, the greater the probabilities of success. The well-known terms data mining and big data refer to ways of working with massive data sets to extract potentially useful information, uncovering patterns and trends.

In order to have good raw material available and enable the obtaining of the best possible results it is vital to:

  1. Update: a good database is a living thing and requires that the data be kept up-to-date and checked for errors, ensuring there are no duplicate entries or that information included no longer corresponds to a specific record (because of a change of address for example). This should be done at least every six months.
  2. Standardize: ensure that everything is recorded identically: abbreviations, use of capitals, accents, etc. This will avoid problems in the future.
  3. Segment: in other words, classify and delimit groups of clients according to common characteristics: geographically, by interest, by the sector in which they operate… You will design the segmentation according to your campaign profiles.
  4. Make notes: in a field labelled “observations”, for example, each person who manages the database should make a note of any incident or relevant information. This will help obtain a clear and complete view of clients.
  5. Save a copy: a good database takes time and effort to build and is an important company asset. Given its value, it is highly recommended to make a backup copy.

Finally we must emphasise that the data must be handled very carefully; this is a very sensitive matter because it requires high levels of security (and also well-developed professional ethics).

The legislation in this regard varies from country to country; let’s not forget the problems caused by the Safe Harbour agreement. But remember that LINK Mobility’s servers and all its data are located in Spain, comply with current data protection regulations and offer the highest legal guarantees.

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