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LINK Conversations: a real revolution

Discover a new marketing channel full of possibilities for interacting with your customers that allows you to enjoy all the advantages offered by the standard RCS, but without the need to download any application and which can reach 100% of the market. We’re talking about LINK Conversations, a powerful tool capable of managing rich dialogues between companies and users, and making it possible to schedule and automate tasks. The content of the conversation is personalized with your corporate identity and is fully adapted to the needs and interests of the client.

In addition, this is an omni-channel solution, ready to be integrated via API and web interface, which will allow you to have conversations through different channels: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and, soon, Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

Useful and advantageous

Conversational messaging is a new vision of the familiar one-way short message via SMS, which we believe will transform the way companies communicate with their end users. LINK Conversations is a pioneering development in the market that improves the user experience, bringing the customer closer and providing more personalized communication. This will allow you to get to know your customers better, optimising your relationship with them, building customer loyalty, and without a doubt bringing added value for your company.

But that’s not all, because changing your strategy towards conversational marketing will make it possible to reduce costs, improve the functionality of processes and shorten sales cycles.

In terms of uses, this omni-channel solution offers multiple options: from financial management to collection and survey management, through marketing campaigns and any eCommerce action, such as receiving payments and offering innovative products or special offers.

For example, it is really useful in any customer service, where most queries can be resolved through automated responses, with the consequent savings in time and costs. However the conversation can cease to be automated whenever the customer wishes, offering the possibility of contacting a real person from the company with which they are interacting, without needing to change platform.

How does it work?

LINK Conversations is very easy to use and allows interoperability with any mobile phone company and operating system. By means of a single standard API for all channels, the user’s consent is obtained and a bidirectional conversation is initiated, with a workflow that has been previously programmed by the user company. If the company prefers to design the flow without our API, LINK Conversations also has an easy-to-use web interface called “Flow Builder”.

Since the starting point is an SMS, it offers functionalities such as the automation of tasks, the sending of multimedia content or the inclusion of maps, QR codes, action buttons, among many others. It constitutes SMS 2.0.

In addition, the most interesting aspect for companies is that it is ready to be integrated into other channels preferred by their users (such as WeChat or Viber) and other applications can be used to start the conversation, in addition to the existing SMS (Alexa, Google Assistant, and/or Siri).

In short, this is a real revolution, a new level in the business-client dialogue that will generate more business opportunities and that offers the necessary evolution to succeed in the future of mobile communications.

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