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SMS solutions you may not have known exist

29 June 2020

Mobile technology is evolving in leaps and bounds. One of the fields in which this evolution is particularly striking is SMS. The classic SMS messages that have been sent for more than 20 years have nothing to do with the new solutions presented by technology companies such as LINK Mobility.

Advances in technology have turned the SMS channel into a whole new world to be discovered: from discount coupons and payment solutions via SMS to the electronic verification of your customers’ identities.

Learn more about the history of SMS and the innovative solutions it offers.

History of the SMS

The SMS, as we know it, was born in the UK in 1992, when programmer Neil Papworth sent a message from a computer. It wasn’t until seven years later that the use of this new channel began to become popular, turning into the newest way of communication between friends and family and, of course, between companies and their customers.

The SMS not only changed the way we communicated, but also established a new language among its youngest users, who, in order to save characters, started using abbreviations such as the classic “2moro”.

At the beginning of the year 2000 there was a qualitative improvement with the development of the well-known multimedia messages (MMS), which allowed the download of pictures, ring tones and other multimedia content. Although in the field of personal communications, other media such as WhatsApp have replaced the SMS, in the commercial field, the SMS has continued to evolve in leaps and bounds, developing solutions that allow companies to launch different and innovative marketing campaigns.

SMS Coupon

Converting the classic paper coupon to the online world has never been easier. The SMS Coupon allows you to create a micro-landing page in a simple and intuitive way, which you can customise with images, text, links and discount coupons.

These discounts or promotions can be redeemed both online and offline, through alphanumeric codes or QR codes that can be generic or personalised for each customer.

LINK Mobile Invoice

It is now possible to request payments from your customers via SMS. Through a very simple interface, you can notify your customers of overdue invoices, send requests for payment for new available invoices, recharge digital wallets, make payments for subscription services, etc. and all of this supported by the main financial operators, helping you to increase the speed of payment collection and reduce payment delinquency.

Certified eKYC

Reduce the percentage of fraud through the validation of the identity of your customers, verifying that you are dealing with a real person and, in addition, that the digital identity and the physical identity coincide, thus generating a certificate that verifies the electronic identity of your customers.

The operation is very simple: the user receives an SMS with a URL that takes them to a platform, where they have to upload their identity card and a selfie photo that is compared with the identity card.

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