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SMS messages in eCommerce and Retail

15 October 2015

Who would have thought that in the year 2015 SMS messages would have so big a presence, so much importance, and such return, in an environment that is as digital and professionalised as today’s.

It is true that SMS messages have been updated and have begun to incorporate new functions that make them more attractive, such as the ability to merge messages to avoid being confined to 140 characters, or the inclusion of hyperlinks in the text that can direct users to webs or Stores to download apps. Nowadays they can even incorporate the programming of forwarding having in mind the behaviour of the receiver.

But for us their main advantage is their simplicity.

Simplicity in the creation of the message.

Simplicity in the management of sending and campaign building.

Simplicity in getting going and therefore in the immediacy of the response.

SMS messages coexist with many other marketing actions, however they are the first thing we take recourse to when we don’t have any margin of error, when we want our shop to be full, when we want our eCommerce offer to sell.

SMS messages generate both physical and digital traffic, and SMS messages sell. It is for this reason that today, 15th October 2015, we are still talking about them.

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