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SMS MARKETING: How to launch your first Christmas focussed SMS campaign

11 December 2020
After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two very coveted days for business in this year of uncertainty and constant change, comes the most anticipated month of the year. This final month closes the year with great opportunities for companies and SMEs.
Do you want to learn how to launch the best Christmas campaign for your business? Read on.
For all kinds of businesses, the holidays are an opportunity to foster relationships with your customers, increase sales, attract new customers, build up the loyalty of your current ones and improve your positioning and image. It is essential for any company, which is why this is the campaign in which the most is invested in terms of actions and advertising, and the main objective is to obtain a good return on investment (ROI).

In order to obtain good results, it is necessary to put in place some prior steps:


You need to know the trends and your target, so you can make your communications more direct and effective. There are several studies that can help you to focus your research.

THINK WITH GOOGLE “CHRISTMAS 2020: How to adapt your strategy to new consumer habits”

This document provides key information regarding different consumers and their respective behaviours. This year, it is expected that online mobile channels will be preferred over offline channels to begin the search for products and services, which means that your communications must be directed towards the mobile with campaigns using SMS, email, newsletters and social networks. Although the physical shop will continue to be the place where the purchase is completed, omnichannel and online sales are growing exponentially, especially through the mobile.

The consumer profile is made up of 90% women with an average shopping cart of 217 euros and 85% men with a cart of 234 euros. The majority of sales will be made in the following sectors: clothing and accessories, culture (e.g. books), electronics, sport, beauty, toys and home.


The giant Facebook is also not far behind with its extensive study which reveals the most striking current insights.

Generation Z and the Boomers dominate the digital terrain, such as mobile telephony and e-commerce. 80% say they will shop online. Their favourite device continues to be the mobile phone, which has seen increased confidence in SMS and messages between companies and customers.

Christmas is about giving gifts to each other, but this year the tendency to give yourself a gift has clearly increased in these difficult times. According to the study, 74% of people surveyed are currently looking for gifts for themselves. Help them to find out what they want and make the shopping process more user friendly for them.

Also, economic considerations have increased in importance due to the COVID-19 crisis. 43% of respondents stated that the pandemic has had or will have a critical impact on sales, which is why the sector must do all it can to adapt to the customer’s pocket. The solution is to offer your consumers discounts or customised promotions.

After exhaustive research, it is time to choose the useful data that will serve as a basis to communicate your products and services to a list of potential customers or simply to create branding. Once the most appropriate data has been chosen, it’s time to segment your audience, personalising the message you are going to send to each one to make a communication campaign that stands out and is relevant.


Every year, the Christmas campaign is crucial for businesses, which strive to make the most of their Christmas marketing strategy.

Mobile is still people’s most used and loved channel. LINK Mobility can help you launch your amazing offers, discounts and promotions through the channel that works best for your potential customers. Next comes the how.


SMS is the perfect combination of efficiency and utility. These text messages have a high open rate, are easy to read and reach the customer quickly. They can appeal to the feelings of the recipient or can serve to send a discount code. Either way, we have a solution for every communication. The three most used and efficient are:

  • SMS with plain text
  • SMS with a “URL or landing page” directed to a specific offer or promotion
  • LINK Conversations

And since some things never change, the important thing is to appeal to the emotion and excitement of these dates, for both giving and receiving gifts. These are the strong points of Christmas marketing. Just give the user a little push and provide an inspiration for them to decide to buy. If, in addition, you provide some incentive, satisfaction will be complete.

Therefore, everything must revolve around Christmas. You will get better results if you add some Christmas touches to your products (for example, in the packaging) or if the contents of your communications and services are themed and adapted to these holidays. A specific “landing page” is a very good resource. Show a catalogue of offers, gift lists, create a Christmas video with your products or include a QR code or bar code for your promotions.

It is equally important to detect errors and correct them in time. There is no point having top notch marketing actions if your company is not ready to manage online orders on time and meet delivery commitments, if it is unable to respond to high demand and runs out of stock or if it does not properly coordinate all channels of communication and sales.

Lastly, it should be borne in mind that after Christmas come the January sales. This post-Christmas period is another good opportunity to create irresistible offers and achieve extra sales.

In short, increasing sales and generating “engagement” are the main objectives of Christmas campaigns, and it’s a job that requires time and excellent planning.

At LINK Mobility we are at your disposal to help you create and launch your Christmas campaigns via SMS, making the most of this period and bringing 2020 to a successful close.

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