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RICH SMS: Enhanced communications for your customers Copy

16 March 2021

Digital marketing has been in a state of constant evolution since its inception, and today, more than ever, it continues to tirelessly search for the most efficient way to reach the consumer’s heart and mind.

SMS in turn has also evolved into Rich SMS. This type of mobile messaging takes advantage of the multiple possibilities that connectivity (3G, 4G and now 5G) and smartphones offer to provide a much richer experience for the consumer on the one hand, and a way to accurately measure consumer behaviour during the experience on the other.

SMS messages are still limited to 160 characters, but they now offer the possibility of attaching a link to a landing page that is personalised for each consumer. This type of messaging allows you to improve your campaign results (ROI) by creating rich, engaging and personalised content.

What is the secret of Rich SMS? Find out everything these messages have to offer below.



The first new feature of Rich SMS is the possibility of incorporating short links, which give access to unique landing pages allowing the possibility of implementing KPIs.

  • Landing pages offer endless possibilities and can fulfil several functions, giving the brand dynamism. They can be created to offer forms to fill in, include a discount in the customer’s purchases, go directly to the shop to redeem a coupon for a promotion, send a promotional video, etc.

The second feature is their “responsive” design, which means that the information that customers receive is much better structured than in traditional SMS messages. This allows the user to view a version of the website that is adapted to the device being used.

The third feature is that with Rich SMS you have the possibility of inserting emojis within the text, which improves the appearance of the message and captures the attention of the reader.


These features of Rich SMS make them a very effective channel for marketing campaigns, increasing performance thanks to the visual change and the innovations included. They are an excellent way to differentiate yourself from your competitor’s through content made by and for specific customers. Users interacting with this type of message will feel important and will approach the brand in their own unique way.

They allow you to send, redirect and convert.

In addition, they are a tool that allows you to track consumer “interests”, measuring the “hot spots” produced where each person clicks. Additionally, Rich SMS increase traffic to your website and can be complemented with messages on other channels, such as WhatsApp.

It only remains to say that to run a successful Rich SMS campaign you must know your target audience well. Adapting to the channels they use most to ensure direct and stable contact with them. They provide a channel from which you can extract useful information to include in subsequent campaigns.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your next Rich SMS campaign, you can count on us. Link Mobility can provide you with mobile solutions that will take your business to the next level.

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