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Retailers say goodbye to paper invoices

Retailers say goodbye to paper invoices

Electronic invoicing is a factor for success that the retail sector does not want to give up. Already in 2016, the 2nd Estudio de competencias digitales en la empresa (Study of Digital Competences in Companies) by the Institute of Digital Economics (ICEMD-ESIC) showed that 43% of companies carried out online banking operations and 21% had adopted accounting and electronic invoicing. Thus, they have gradually incorporated electronic invoicing solutions that streamline financial processes. Always securely, and with all legal guarantees.

Digital invoicing with guarantees

Nowadays it is common for paper to coexist with electronics, but more and more people are opting to digitally manage and exchange thousands of payment vouchers. Retailers have realised the many advantages that this brings: cost savings, optimised storage, more agile work processes, etc.

However, in this transformation to digital accounting we must ensure that everything is authorised and in order. We can send the invoices electronically, with the legal proof continuing to be the invoice on paper, or we can do all the paperwork exclusively in digital form. This is where digital certificates come into play, due to their legal validity.  In this way the electronic invoice replaces the paper invoice to all effects, with the data encrypted and with no possibility of the documents being manipulated.

If you want to know more about all the requirements and provisions regarding electronic invoicing and the electronic storage of invoices, you can consult the Spanish legislation in Order EHA/962/200


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