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LINK eKYC Certified

Digital Identity Verification

LINK eKYC Certified verify the identity of your customers in real time, from anywhere in the world, using a simple, fast and secure digital process.

LINK eKYC Certified helps you to verify the identity of your customers remotely and in just a few seconds, helping you to minimize the risk of fraud and to comply with current legal regulations.

Minimize the risk of fraud

Through digital identity verification, you can prevent and minimize phishing fraud and account theft.

Increase turnover

Achieve higher turnover through a fast, easy and secure digital onboarding process.

Comply with standards and regulations

eKYC allows you to adapt your identity verification processes to the regulations and KYC, AML and PSD2 requirements.

LINK eKYC Certified is a digital identity verification service that validates and certifies in real time the identity of the person who is carrying out the digital onboarding, in three simple steps.

  • ID document verification in a matter of second by scanning the ID document, extracting the information using OCR technology and finalizing with a throughout analysis made by our eKYC solution.
  • Real-time biometric facial comparison by processing images without the intervention of any agent. The eKYC solution performs a life proof check by requesting random head movements. This selfie-check ensures the person is a live person.
  • Certification of the process by means of gathering all the evidences of the ID document verification and biometric check, stamping them with a qualified electronic time stamp provided by a trusted third party, a Qualified Time Stamping Authority, and finally generating a certificate that provides the company with binding evidence to justify that someone is who they claim they are and who performed the digital onboarding at any given time.
  • Acquire customers in any country in Europe, moving from a 3 week manual acquisition process to an automatic 3 minute process with the highest security standards from any camera device.
  • Free up employees tied up in processing a flood of manual tasks so they can perform value-added tasks.
  • With automation, the likelihood of errors in manual processes is avoided.
  • Prevent rising customer abandonment rates.

More and more sectors, such as Finance, Logistics, Tourism or Telecommunications, are implementing the digital verification of their customers’ identities, not only to avoid possible fraud, but also to digitalize the onboarding processes, to speed up their identity verification processes and to save on unnecessary costs, through a single service that analyses, verifies and certifies the identity of all their customers in an easy and agile way.

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