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A short text message that generates a certification upon delivery, and by which the communication becomes legally valid.

SMS has become the most professional, fast, efficient, economic and reliable channel that companies use to communicate their advertising, offers and notifications to their customers.

LINK Mobility, as a Mobile Virtual Operator registered with the Telecommunications Market Commission, with direct connections to all national operators and also with global coverage, provides you with message delivery notifications, thus ensuring that the SMS sent has been received by the customer.

A short text message that generates a certification upon delivery, and by which the communication becomes legally valid.

The numbers of the sender and recipient, the message content, the time and date of receipt, and our digital signature.

Custody of the information

Our system keeps all your certifications safely stored for at least 5 years.

Multi-user accessibility

We provide you with a strong submission platform for your certified communications.

SMS is gaining ground over other traditional means AGILITY, SPEED AND COST SAVINGS WITH LEGAL VALIDITY


Thanks to its versatility, price and ease of management, this medium is commonly used by the Public Administration in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany and Finland.


  • Customs detention notices
  • Claims for non-payment
  • Administrative notifications
  • Attendance notifications
  • Appointments with the public administration
  • Notifications of roaming conditions
  • Warranty claims
  • Notification of fines
  • Acceptance of quotes


The client configures the sender and the text to be sent, then sends the SMS from their own application (using LINK Mobility’s platform) or using LINK Mobility’s SMS Web Service, where they can also set the date and time of the SMS to be sent.

The SMS platform sends the messages to the operators and also records the date and time of sending.

The SMS platform receives the delivery confirmations from the operators, records them in its system and provides them to the client.

Our client thus has access to the certification of the SMS sent to the recipient, the text of the message and the date and time of receipt of the SMS on the device.

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