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Caso de éxito: SMS Marketing

Fact Sheet

TEAM: LINK Mobility Sales Consultant
GOAL: Improve store traffic and eliminate off-peak hours.


Our client owns a small chain of stores in different area of Spain. In order to help increase the traffic store and attract clients in off-peak hours, our client aims to set up a SMS sending tool, common for all stores, from where the message deliveries can be managed in a personalized way. In addition, costs per store can be identified.


Our delivery platform is the best solution since it enables to create unique users and permissions

Each store would have access to the web-based tool, from where they could manage their databases, type the SMS text, check the campaign results and identify the costs of each activity.

The messages will be sent by the store’s manager, who has access to the system 24/7 and can set up the delivery of the messages. Once the SMS is sent out, it gets distributed within a few minutes among all users, creating an effective and quick communication.


Since the store chain began using the SMS delivery tool, the store traffic in off-peak hours has increased by 220% (20% in overall store traffic), resulting in a 30€ increase in the average bill.

link mobility - Caso de éxito: SMS Marketing