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Our technology, at your disposal

8 May 2017

For a digital communications company, the technology department (IT) is one of the cornerstones and driving forces behind the business: everything has to run smoothly. At LINK Mobility we understand this, so our technology and infrastructure are outstanding, known for their robustness and efficiency.

It all began with Telex, 15 years ago, since which we have added voice, fax, email and SMS services and, finally, certificates. Nowadays, our technical platforms are developed in-house and hosted in centres with the highest possible security, with our own servers operating at full capacity 24/7.

Our customers have marked out the path of our development, and this pragmatic approach has helped us to learn to tackle any challenges presented to us by the market and adapt to each requirement, customising each service. This has enabled us to gain the trust of small and large businesses, many of which have been with us right from the start.

And this is in the safe hands of a team of professionals whose technical abilities, both theoretical and practical, enable quick interventions and innovative solutions that ensure that everything runs smoothly.

5 key aspects of our technical platforms

  1. Our systems are monitored and serviced around the clock, 365 days a year, 24/7: the technical platform is maintained at two levels: some maintenance is dealt with in our work centre during “office hours” (from 9 am to 7 pm) and the rest is handled by the staff from the hosting company. And it’s all done with the greatest of “care”: redundant power supplies, climate control for the equipment, high network availability maintained, online performance monitoring, etc. Ever-vigilant for you, to provide you with the continuity of support that you require.
  2. We own both the equipment and the software developed: which gives us freedom when customising and enables very close monitoring. We analyse everything internally and make the necessary changes when a process is not working or it needs to be expanded or improved. We manage everything ourselves, without depending on anyone else.
  3. All services are redundant: each server has its counterpart, in some cases dedicated to several areas and, in others, exclusively to one product (SMS, email, certificates, voice and fax), depending on the amount of data supported. This is what our customers require.
  4. Each service is managed individually: each product has its own server(s), making it possible to achieve optimal results. The entire structure is designed to achieve excellence in the different types of messages that we send. So, for example, if we are sending a large number of emails, this increased load does not affect any SMS traffic that is also underway.
  5. Products can be sent to meet two different requirements: the first, called transactional, is used to send messages one by one, on request. The second, called promotional, is used to send bulk messages from a database with multiple records.
  6. High quality levels: subject to international standard ISO 9001, we strictly comply with the quality certification requirements, above and beyond what is required.

Thanks to this, LINK Mobility can boast electronic communications that provide added value: our messages always arrive. We invite you to try it for yourself.

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