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OK, the vacations are over, so now what?

1 September 2015

We all find ourselves in a similar situation at some point in the year. We come back from our vacation, well rested, refreshed and with lots of new ideas, new plans… some personal, others professional. And now’s the time to put them into action, but… Where to start?

We have hundreds or emails, phone calls and a pile of folders with projects that were left at a standstill over the “blessed” summer period. And don’t forget!!! In September, we start the Christmas campaigns!!!

It is essential to know the difference between what is important and what is urgent. We have to choose what is important and give it priority. Urgent matters will pop up on their own. And what is important at our business? Putting our marketing machinery and business communication in gear again: more leads, more sales, more impact, more activity, more brand recognition…

In the last few years, companies have increasingly focused a large part of their efforts on the first few weeks of September. To do this, it is important to get back to work earlier and be operating again in the last week of August, when there is less activity, so we can get the hang of working again and start contacting new collaborators. Take advantage of these first days to send out a campaign with appeal. Even though an Email Marketing campaign doesn’t usually give us better ratios, it’ll help us get the machinery up and running again.

SMS Marketing around this time should be limited to urgent communication of the latest sales, extra discounts, stock liquidations, product orders…

My advice, in September it’s always the same story….
Don’t nod off, it’s already begun!

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