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More about inbound marketing

27 May 2019

The run up to the conversion finishing line within inbound marketing can be quite complicated and slow. You have to plan things well and be patient… It is essential to observe what is not working well and to rely on metrics, since analysing your campaigns is the best way to correct errors. Use the good results that come from SMS opening and reading rates as a starting point – it’s worth remembering that more than 90% of short messages are read 3 minutes after delivery to devices. But what else should you be looking at?

Observing for improvement

Tracking certain indicators periodically is the only way to be sure that your campaigns are working as they should. You have to pay attention to several rates: the sending rate, the opening/reading rate, the abandonment rate, the response rate (if a call to action has been proposed), etc.

The first thing to do is to make sure that your database is free of errors and that the phone numbers to which you are sending the SMS are correct, as well as their prefixes.

In addition, if you have sent a form, you have to make sure that it collects all the information you want to obtain because this is your “contact point”.

But after that, many other factors come into play. If, for example, your SMS is linked to a landing page, you must analyse the website’s data because it may attract a large amount of traffic yet achieve a low conversion rate. Something could be wrong, such as the video you have included taking a long time to load so the user loses interest, or perhaps there is a button that is not optimised for use from mobile devices.

By studying the user’s behaviour during their visit to the web you will know what interests them the most and obtain valuable information to help turn the contact into a lead later on.

Also, if you have sent a promotional coupon, it is vital to track how many people have redeemed it, where, what time, and so on.

Quantifying and measuring every detail of your marketing strategy will improve your campaigns, leading to the guaranteed achievement of your proposed objectives.

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