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Marketing gets dressed for summer

11 July 2018

Some time ago we discussed seasonal marketing, that is to say, marketing that makes the most of certain key dates, taking advantage of the fact that buying habits and purchasing power change according to the calendar.

In this light, summer is an opportunity to implement successful sales strategies: people are on vacation and consume more in certain sectors. Plus the summer sales remain a highly anticipated event.

In these months, mobile marketing takes on a more active role, and the SMS channel provides great opportunities: short messages reach people at the beach, the pool, anywhere, instantly.

There is therefore a need to vary our habitual communications a bit, using resources that can give very good results. From LINK Mobility we offer you a wide range of possibilities through our services, enabling you to carry out your summer campaigns originally and successfully.


5 strategies for success

1- Give primacy to the mobile: create your campaigns so that different actions can be carried out over mobile platforms and exclusive advantages can be applied. For example, insert a QR code in your brochure, so that the user can scan it and access your promotion from their smartphone, or present special offers for purchases made by mobile. And of course, always offer secure payment methods.

Also don’t forget to use discounts with a limited duration because insisting on the “urgency” of promotions usually encourages purchases, and during these months the consumer is more willing to spend.

2- Automate messages: if your company also closes a few days over the holidays, don’t neglect campaigns. Schedule messages to ensure they continue to reach your users. Automated emails or SMS allow you to continue “taking care” of your customers. Even so, keep an eye on things and, as soon as you are back at work, monitor results and correct errors.

3- Enhance use of social networks: during the holidays you must keep your social networks active because people use them much more, due to having more free time. They should help you to interact with customers, offering opportunities to purchase products or services.

4- Create playful, fun campaigns: you must capture the attention of the user with attractive proposals in which interacting is fun; remember that these are months of leisure and relaxation. For example, you can set up a competition to send holiday photos or videos, offering some discount or an interesting advantage when shopping in exchange.

5- Take advantage of good results: reviewing the clicks, visits or leads achieved can motivate staff to insist and successfully complete more conversions.

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