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Marketing and video are on very good terms

2 August 2018

It couldn’t be clearer: there is an increasing trend of using videos in marketing campaigns.

Is an image worth more than a thousand words? Apparently so: today, more than 70% of all downloaded content on the Internet is video and Google estimates that by 2020 this will reach 90%. And according to the study Online Video Forecasts 2018, prepared by the agency Zenith, by 2020 users will spend 84 minutes a day watching videos online.

It seems we prefer to see how a given product works, like the visual explanation of a particular service and want to “put a face” to members of a trusted company.

This makes video an excellent marketing tool to improve campaign results and reinforce branding. Specifically, in the case of email marketing, you achieve enriched emails that increase the CTR and differentiate your emails from the thousands of others in the inbox.

You can see our newly launched corporate video here. In it we use a storyboard technique to provide an entertaining and fun explanation of who we are, what we do, and who we do it for. For just over two minutes we immerse you in our story, which we hope will be a part of!

3 big advantages of video

1- It gives value for money: with very little investment you can record pretty good videos. In fact, a medium-high range smartphone will give acceptable results.

2- It strengthens branding: videos generate trust and credibility because they allow us to see with our own eyes what we want to buy or the service that we are going to request.

3- It lends itself to sharing: in addition to integrating easily into almost all content managers (CMS), videos are usually shared on social networks, professional forums and mobile applications, without forgetting, of course, on YouTube. When shared, they can generate very positive virality for the company.

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