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LINK Mobility optimizes mobile messaging with Oracle Responsys

LINK Mobility optimizes mobile messaging with Oracle Responsys

At LINK Mobility we are improving communications between companies and their customers even more, thanks to the integrated messaging services of the Oracle Responsys platform. Oracle has chosen us as a partner because we have the necessary technology and experience in the field of mobile messaging to succeed in an expanding market.

The Oracle Responsys SMS Public Aggregator Network (SPAN) is an easy-to-use self-service application available on the Oracle Marketing Cloud that allows customers to more easily find, request, and manage SMS services directly from the aggregator of their choice.

The result is a better customer experience, increased acquisition and conversion rates, consolidation of retention and overall return on investment (ROI).

Industry-leading tool

This new integrated marketing tool, with high-value mobile reach, enables greater flexibility and scalability in reaching users, and greater operational efficiency. Most importantly, customer relationships are significantly improved, bringing them closer and making them more personal, as well as the degree of commitment to them.

With this partnership, LINK and Oracle are pooling their efforts to advance and access a wider, developing market. Today, LINK offers global messaging services in more than 200 countries and now has the ability to deliver them through a popular and well-established platform, like Oracle Responsys. As Arild E. Hustad, CEO of LINK MobilityGroup, says: “Given LINK’s proven ability to reach and engage mobile users through strong digital convergence, our clients rely on us as their preferred partner in mobile messaging. Therefore, we believe Oracle Responsys clients around the world will benefit greatly from our joint experience.”

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