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Lead magnet: irresistible, free and effective

31 October 2019

A lead magnet is any free, good-quality content that attracts users and persuades them to give you their data; their phone number is enough to start a good SMS marketing strategy. The goal is not simply to generate interest, but to achieve conversions; return on investment. Therefore, the more personalised and valuable (because it helps achieve a goal or saves time, for example) this “magnet” is, the more irresistible it will be and the more qualified the leads it delivers will be.

There is no shortage of candidates: from the classic discount coupons to contests and sweepstakes, or even a free online course. These are just a few ideas, but there are many more resources.

Six useful proposals

It is increasingly difficult to get personal data without offering something in return, so a good lead magnet, which provides instant gratification, is a very useful ally. The goal is to translate your company philosophy or the functionalities of your products and services into something free and downloadable.

Once you have detected the possible needs of your potential customers, you can provide them with very attractive resources that, even though they are free, do not have to compromise on quality. You must let your target inspire you, working with them and taking care of them.

Here are 6 lead magnet ideas that usually work well:

1- eBook or PDF guide

This could be a manual of useful sector ideas or a technical document, for example. A few free pages with enough interesting information have value in themselves. Free courses are also attractive: you can offer one at a basic level, so that later your customer can sign up for another at an intermediate level. Something similar can be done with freemium accounts, if you are selling software or an application.

2- Free services

Such as a consultation on a specific topic, a free trial of a specific product (samples, for example) or an expert service.

3- Podcasts and videos

The former are becoming more and more trendy and are an easy way to present some useful information to the user, who can comfortably listen anywhere. In the case of video, it is really effective for explaining a service or product. These are attractive and immersive and are becoming one of marketers’ favourite resources.

4- Success cases

This is a really interesting type of content for your lead magnet, which clearly shows what your company does and how it can be applied to the real needs of the customer. They are particularly convincing.

5- Newsletter

Offering a newsletter with regular mailings in exchange for the user’s personal data is also a good option. This is a useful way to present your publications so that the customer doesn’t miss out on anything about your company, industry trends or any other information of interest. These can be linked to your website, as well as to the blog section, where you can supply more information and thus generate more traffic.

6- Set of tools

You can “mix” everything up a bit and offer a pack that includes a worksheet, a PDF with technical instructions, a checklist, a calendar adapted to the specific business activity, an infograph with interesting data, and so on.

In short, use your lead magnets to encourage potential customers and to bring them to the threshold of buying your products and services. This is an “investment in the future”, which helps you to attract leads in an attractive and efficient way.


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