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Landing Pages, designed to gain leads!!!

3 October 2015

Before we start… it’s important to remember that what we tell you here are secrets. They’re all the tricks we’ve been trying for a while and successfully in most cases, but you have to remember: Try, try, and try again!!!

  1. Image and Claim
    Remember that in the countries where children learn to read from left to right, the eye automatically places its vision on the upper left side and moves to the right. So it’s best to put an attention-grabbing image in the upper part and next to it, or superimposed, you should position the “claim”: the text to show users exactly what we’re offering.
  2. Advantages (Bullets)
    Below the Claim, we should include the advantages/benefits users are going to find when they expand the information. They should be concise, just one word will do, and convincing. They should generate value and interest. We prefer not to use more than three or four.
  3. Form
    We should place it vertically on the right side of the screen. If possible, don’t ask for more than a couple of details. If you need more, that’s okay, but remember, more details, fewer leads.
  4. Call to Action
    You can insert mini-banners, images or a small text with no more than three sentences between the image and bullets, or above the form. In general it should visually or textually explain the product, service or the reason for acquiring it.
  5. Extra leads
    On a landing, few users scroll down the entire page but a good trick to get more details from them is to insert one or two acquisition fields in this area. Normally this area is separated from the top with a different background colour or a line of full stops.

Now it’s up to you to put it into practice.

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