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Key strategies in the winter sales

14 January 2020

Consumers are always interested in buying discounted products. Even though the winter sales come after the hectic period of Christmas and Black Friday, users still want to purchase products with attractive discounts. Many shoppers will even wait until now to make their final purchases. It has been shown that in January you can find better offers on fashion accessories, whereas in February there are more discounts on technology.

Discount marketing is already up and running with strategies that cannot be left out of your campaign.


Online and offline tricks

The winter sales are a consumer ritual – a tradition that many users enjoy.

During this period, marketing uses price reductions as a lure; however, there are many other details to take care of as well. Although the purpose is usually to sell surplus stock, the real aim is always to attract customers with other brand values.

In addition to advertising in advance that your company will be taking part in the sales (on your website, blog, social networks or physical stores) and indicating their beginning and end, there are a number of common “tricks” regarding how to present prices and products:

*In-store. At the point of sale, it is essential to have the right atmosphere in the store. Packaging, lighting and colour schemes, as well as all kinds of promotional material and displays, must target the sales. The products on sale must be highlighted and placed “strategically”. For example, by grouping products in a pack, customers are tempted by the opportunity to take away more units at a good price. Psychologically, it also works really well to unify products, placing items together that are the same price (e.g. “All items €30”).

Moreover, you should always display the biggest discounts (60 or 70%) in the shop window, in order to tempt customers into the store.

*Online. Whether on a specific page for the sales period (landing page) or on your usual website, the discounted products must be displayed prominently. It is also essential that the prices appear with the discounts already applied. Another interesting tactic that the online medium allows is to create a changing catalogue that runs “against the clock”, where some discounted products give way to others as the hours go by. Customers must then be aware of the discounted products that are of most interest to them. This can also be created by means of an enriched SMS containing a countdown. Fast and efficient.

In addition, retargeting is a highly useful tool; that is, reminding interested customers that one or several of your products are currently on offer due to the sales.

Also, if we combine the discount with free shipping, we get even better results.

For both online and offline channels, the copy is essential in sales. That is, the text on posters or promotional advertisements must target the sales and convey a sense of urgency. This can be achieved using phrases like “last items”, “final days”, “exclusive sales”, “half price today only”, and so on.

Finally, note that even if you do use some “tricks”, you must always be honest with your customers. For example, you must differentiate between sales and clearance, and the pricing must be totally clear. Also, you must always facilitate a return of the product.

The goal is to acquire satisfied customers who not only make one-time purchases during the sales, but who also return to you and become regular customers.

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