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Improve your SMS marketing campaigns

31 January 2020

The immediate, convenient and effective communication provided by SMS is a valuable tool for any company. In fact, according to the digital magazine “2020 will undoubtedly be the year of the resurgence of the SMS”. SMS have increasing potential (RCS is already here) and they are used in more contexts, but they are often not fully taken advantage of. Knowing how to improve the message and take advantage of it to create feedback with your users will improve your relationship with them, providing you with a competitive advantage. With our SMS sending platform you will be able to use this resource more intelligently and profitably.


Four tips to boost your SMS marketing campaign

Your users can access numerous features directly from their mobile, via SMS:

  • From indulging a whim when purchasing a product or service which is shown on the landing page linked to the initial text message, to paying for it from an eCommerce site via Mobile Invoice.
  • Sending reminders of appointments, promotions or any other communication is very easy through our SMS platform
  • You can even certify documents by SMS with our digital certification.

But the most important thing for a company is to create a relationship with the user and build loyalty.

So, when defining your SMS campaigns you will get better results if you:

1- Customize the message as much as possible: This is already the most personal and least intrusive channel, but the more personalized the message is, the more the receiver will like it. The effectiveness will be greater if your client receives a message in which he or she feels it is made especially for them, in their name and providing what they need. This, of course, depends on good prior segmentation.

2- Include a call to action: Make it clear what action you would like the user to perform – you can refer them to a website or any other method to communicate with you.

Furthermore, these calls to action are perfect for urgent communication (a last minute offer, for example).

3- Encourage interaction: Short messages create a very direct type of communication and interaction is essential to meet the needs of your leads and to build a solid relationship.

To improve customer service, you can ask your users for their opinion, for example, in the event of a change in corporate identity. With LINK Conversations you will transform one-way communication into a personalised dialogue with consumers.

4- Eliminate SPAM: you must avoid bothering recipients with too many offers or communications (especially if they are impersonal). In this sense, you must ensure you schedule the sending of the SMS to arrive at the right time. Remember that this type of message is mostly read within 5 minutes of its arrival.

And remember too, if you have sent specific information or a promotion to the customer by email, you should not also do so via SMS to avoid saturating the user.

In conclusion, the important thing is to understand the SMS channel as a much richer tool to be explored within your marketing strategies. To get the best out of it and be aware of its evolution and improvements, don’t miss out on the content and news we post to our social networks.

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