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Ideas for Reactivating Clients

21 March 2016

A client is a valuable asset to any business – a person who has trusted in us and already knows our product or service… someone we have specific data about. We cannot make the mistake of allowing them to forget us, even more so if we take into account the Pareto principle.

So here we present a compilation of some ideas to prevent this from happening.

RFM Analysis

This well-known method of segmentation is simple to implement and allows us to easily obtain consumption patterns. To do this we simply need to classify our clients according to three variables:

  1. Recency. Time since the last purchase.
  2. Frequency. Average number of purchases in a particular time period.
  3. Monetary. Total value of purchases in said period.

This will allow us to tailor new promotions in a much more specific way, working with our less active clients..

Customer Care

It is important to take into account our customer care from the very first moment. We should systematize and centralize information through a point of sale or website. This can be useful when we want to send an interesting offer via mail or SMS not long after purchase.

Detection of Problems

It is very important to understand how our clients perceive us. We can carry out surveys when someone cancels a loyalty plan or asks to unsubscribe from our newsletter, so we can find out what they don’t like…


With this information we can look for patterns, identify problems and resolve them. We can use this to send a communication informing our clients that we have made an improvement. Here we are working with both our branding and our customer service.

SMS Offers

As we have seen, communications that include promotions and offers allow us to offer good customer care to our clients. And SMS is the perfect tool:

  1. 99% open rate.
  2. 90% probability of SMS read within the first 30 minutes.
  3. Conversion rate of over 8%.

While it is true that we can’t enter into much detail, it is a great way of sending specific offers.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are the perfect complement to SMS because they allow us to send more personalized messages, with more information, more detailed offers… email marketing actions are a very good way of trying to re-engage inactive clients.

But they also enable another type of communication: relevant content that we can use to work with our branding and engagement. A newsletter focus that will prevent our clients from forgetting us.

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