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How to position your business by digital transformation

26 October 2020

The need for digital transformation is no longer a thing of the “digital future”, it’s more than present now and in the blink of an eye it will already be a thing of the past.

The digitalisation of a company

Is “the action and effect of implementing technology, tools and digital resources to optimise the work process”, leading companies and society to evolve. It is not just about teleworking or having an online shop; it is an entirely new way of working, thinking, acting, treating customers and providing the company with the technology it needs to carry out its activities.

This spring we all found ourselves having to adapt to circumstances. In April 2020 alone, digital commerce grew by more than 55%, and although each sector, is implementing digitalisation at different rates, the mentality is global, and we all need to get an update.

It’s not just companies that are going digital, but also customers and users. They have changed the way they search, buy (eMobile or e-commerce), consume and communicate with businesses. They are more informed and companies must become more competitive to meet the needs of increasingly demanding customers.

During the digital transformation we can face several challenges. One of them is digital “onboarding” also known as the moment of online payment, but how can we make it reliable, easy and quick for both parties?

The solution we offer is…

LINK eKYC Certified

A tool for verifying and certifying the identity of the person who is making the purchase.

It consists of 3 steps:

  1. Verification of the identity document presented by the buyer (ID, passport, NIE, etc.) which is validated in seconds using OCR technology and the analysis of the eKYC itself.
  1. Real-time facial scan of the person using biometric technology. All that is required is for the person to have their photo taken, processed and compared with the image on the identity document. Finally, a proof of life check is performed using a code or fingerprint.
  1. A verification is obtained in a single document, where all the evidence is gathered (steps 1 and 2), which has legal validity that can be used by the company as legally binding evidence.

Transform your company’s onboarding process safely and efficiently, as well as achieving other benefits, such as:

  • Automate your business and acquire customers anywhere in Europe.
  • Prevent rising customer abandonment rates during onboarding/purchase time.
  • Reduce manual process errors and minimise the risk of fraud.
  • Increase your business turnover.

Our Product and Customer Success Director for Spain, Manuel Virseda Benito concludes:

“Companies increasingly need to identify their users remotely, and even more so now with the new COVID-19 situation, where contactless operations are becoming a must. Finding a good technology provider with a simple, agile and secure solution is no easy thing, as there are many companies offering this type of technology and it’s not easy to choose well if you don’t have a good knowledge of this market. At LINK Mobility we are proud that our business partner is Mitek, a leading multinational in digital identity technology, meaning we can go to market with a solution designed with and for our customers. LINK eKYC certificate verifies and certifies the identity of your customers remotely and in real time. Digitalise your processes at the same time as minimising the risk of fraud and complying with current legal regulations.”

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