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Email Marketing B2C vs B2B

Email Marketing B2C vs B2B

Email marketing is a great tool, but its effectiveness depends on our capacity to adapt the content to our public. Today we want to share some ideas about the main differences between B2C and B2B audiences:

The purchase cycle

For businesses the moment of purchase usually happens after a period spent searching, researching and comparing, and various levels of management are involved before a decision is taken. For this reason, campaigns need to include several emails in order to support and reinforce the purchase decision.

The individual client tends to be more impulsive, especially in products costing less than €50. In this scenario it is possible that the client jumps straight from the email to the landing page, and makes the purchase in just a few minutes. In this case no more than one or two emails are needed.


In general, the B2B public wants a clear presentation of the product, and this must be supported with additional information (infographics, statistics, case studies, etc.). In summary: more education than promotion, with two, or perhaps more messages to cover the purchase process, distributing the information.

The B2C audience is usually more sensitive to persuasive content, appealing to the emotions. We must uncover the specific needs of the individual. The additional information must be more visual (videos, infographics, etc.). And discounts and promotions are usually influential in making a sale in this environment.

To sum up, it is important for both B2B and B2C clients that we work to understand what our public wants and needs.

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