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Digitalization comes to the retail sector

5 February 2019

Digitalization of labelling, virtual reality, 3D printing, digital signage, artificial intelligence… digitalization has reached the retail sector and it’s here to stay. In fact, according to a study by Zebra Technologies, more than 95% of retail decision-makers are ready to make the necessary changes to adopt the Internet of Things.

Customers are crying out for just this, especially Millennials, and the fact is that the diverse technologies bring down costs and help to analyse the most important data in terms of sales or visits to your business. Of course, they also provide the customer with a more personalised and satisfactory shopping experience.

What will the shops of the future be like?

Market studies can’t stop talking about this topic and the fact is that many technologies have entered the world of retail business, facilitating operations and allowing retailers to focus more on satisfying their customers. Shops are changing and now you can find virtual reality mirrors in the changing rooms, beacons that send the user personalised discount coupons, virtual assistants to guide you through your purchase, panels with detailed information and product videos and radio-frequency tagging (RFID) on products, replacing bar codes. Thanks to this RFID technology we can now have full traceability of any specific item, which is a valuable tool to resolve inventory problems and even product theft.

This has only just begun, and the possibilities are endless.


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