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Customer Service is the Key

7 November 2016

“The customer is always right.” Behind this slogan, born at the beginning of the 20th century in the large North American department stores, is nothing less than the idea of looking after your customers above all else. In other words, a business must listen to the needs of its customers and give them the best answer possible: clients must feel heard and attended from start to finish.

That is why the Customer Service (CS) department is one of the mainstays. This is where the services the company offers are controlled from, and this is where any failures are detected. It acts as an indispensable source of information and, naturally, it is essential for achieving customer loyalty.

It should be obvious that its success is based on the quality of training received by its personnel: staff must be agile, flexible, friendly and constant, aiming to complete the service in the most effective way possible.

Ah… and none of those machines or automatic mechanisms that make us tear our hair out!

The Heart of LINK Mobility

In LINK Mobility’s CS department the philosophy of customer care reigns.

However, given the nature of our company and its offer of digital communication services, customer attention goes even further, transforming this department into the cornerstone of our company. Our clients put their campaigns in our hands and it is the staff of our CS department who take care of managing the process; in this way they cover every need and particular requirement of each of LINK Mobility’s clients. Our staff are always efficient and diligent, and deliver the dedication and delicacy required by our customers.

What most characterizes our Customer Service department is:

  • Constant attention: In addition to advising and training our clients in the handling of the platform, our staff pay constant attention to all ongoing campaigns, maintaining constant contact with the client throughout the process. And of course, when the campaign is completed, they are responsible for delivering the final report and results, keeping the client fully informed.
  • Speed and efficiency: Our clients are often in a hurry and our department is always prepared to respond to this need. LINK Mobility has never taken more than two hours to send a campaign.
  • Teamwork: Every member of the CS department is up-to-date with every one of the ongoing actions; and not only the ones they are responsible for, but also those of their colleagues, so they are ready to support any client at any moment.

That is why when we send out our annual survey to evaluate each department, Customer Service always gets first place!

We are proud of this and we will work to make sure it continues this way, and to continue offering the best service possible.

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