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Customer Experience: in total harmony with the customer

13 March 2020

The customer at the heart of all the strategies, the user as the protagonist: that is what the CustomerExperience is about. This is a strong marketing trend (in fact there is even an Association for the Development of Customer Experience) and there are now specific positions in companies called Customer Experience Officers). Its purpose is to create a stronger relationship between the user and the brand. The key is to elicit positive sensations and emotions before, during and after the purchase. In other words, provide a totally satisfactory experience that involves all the company’s departments and gives it added value.

LINK Mobility, with its many solutions, helps you to meet those customer expectations.

Personalisation and smart resources

According to a study by the consulting firm PwC, Customer Experience plays a vital role in the purchase decision of 73% of respondents, and 49% of consumers feel that their experience with their supplier companies is not a positive one.

As you can see, the impact of this experience on the business is clear and although many factors may be involved (it is work that needs to involve every area of the company), there are some keys to achieving continuous improvement.

  • Personalisation

The first step is to collect as much data from clients as possible in order to get to know them very well and achieve a hyper-personalised approach that satisfies them, even anticipating their needs.

  • Autonomy

In addition, the user demands greater independence in managing their requests. To simply explain and resolve doubts, we can rely on artificial intelligence. However, in order to resolve more complicated problems and critical situations, the best solution is direct attention through a person who is trained to do so.

  • Technology

Technology is undoubtedly a powerful tool that can be used to improve the Customer Experience. This might include tablets for searching for information in the store, acoustic or visual devices to notify you that your meal is ready in a restaurant, mobile applications that enrich your relationship with the product/service… all the way to virtual reality or augmented reality, which allows you to offer innovative ways to interact with customers.

In short, you could say that personalisation and the presence of technology are the pillars to achieving better results in the area of Customer Experience.

To learn more about this exciting topic, you can take a look at the report “The 2020 CustomerExperience” published by the consulting firm Cognizant.

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