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Because all communication matters, put your customers at the centre of your strategy

29 October 2020

In recent years the trend has been to position the client at the centre of the company strategy. Furthermore, this positioning has shown its value due to COVID 19 which has brought about very drastic changes in consumer habits, further demonstrating the important role of communication between client and user as vital to understanding and satisfying their needs.

Today we can see the results of everything that happened months ago, with consumers who have rapidly evolved, becoming much more digital, more demanding of brands and more appreciative of communications through all available channels, securely and immediately.

So, to meet the needs of this completely new consumers quickly and to focus communication on more modern methods, CPaaS has emerged, proving itself to be fully prepared for the future.

What is CPaaS?

Communications Platform as a Service is a cloud-based platform that allows companies to quickly and easily integrate communication capabilities, such as voice, video and messaging, into their own applications, without the need to build interfaces and backend infrastructures.

Why is it important to use CPaaS for your business?

At LINK Mobility, we believe that every communication matters, and therefore, using your customers’ preferred channels, simplifying the process by making it secure, fast and cost-effective through a single platform, is the best option. Because if you don’t do it, your competition will.

Although SMS has an open rate of 98%, reaching your customers through the most relevant channels increases participation and user experience. It allows you to connect your business with current, new or potential customers through existing communication networks. CPaaS use cases are endless: from delivery notifications to retail marketing, reminders and alerts. CPaaS allows you to engage, support, inform and convert your customers more effectively than ever before.

Customer satisfaction, the most important thing

To prevent this from happening you need, to implement techniques that focus on caring for the relationship between customers and companies by making them connect with each other: CUSTOMER CARE is vital.

The main objective of the evolution enabled by this new communication strategy is to position the customer as the centre around which the approach revolves, paying particular attention to their needs and making an effort to meet these needs in a personalised, comfortable and simple way.

As our General Manager, David Cremades Gil highlights in the following quote: “A customer that is satisfied, repeats. And that is when you can start calling them clients when they keep coming back to you. It means that they have chosen you from among the many options available in the market.”

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