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Congratulations, you’re in my database!

16 April 2020

Most companies have a precious list of customer contacts to whom they send their communications: their database. This is a really valuable asset that must be looked after in qualitative terms.

Because customers are often reluctant to provide their data and may be suspicious of the use you are going to make of it, it is vital to let them know that belonging to your database is safe and has advantages they can benefit from.

Effective data collection

Being in a company’s database is, in a way, like being part of its “family”. At first, the user will only provide their email or phone number, which will be used to send communications by SMS; but it is very important to feed that lead, collecting as much data as possible to address the customer in the most personalised way and offer them whatever they need at every moment.

The LINK Collect tool, allows you to manage and collect data in a really effective way. Through LINK Collect you can:

  • Attract new customers through point of sale solutions, tablets, web, social networks, web-based or printed advertising using short codes, etc.
  • Keep your database up to date by asking your customers for any missing data or for any changes to them.

This will ensure you have a quality database for more effective campaigns.

How do you get your customers to want to be part of your database?

It is important to communicate to your customers that being part of your database brings certain advantages. The three main advantages are:

  1. Priority access to information: your customers are immediately sent communications regarding the company or the details of their subscription to a service, for example. It is essential to keep them continuously informed and to provide them with quality content, but without overloading them with too frequent messages.
  2. Receiving offers and discounts: to take care of your users, you must send them personalised offers, according to their interests or needs. You can even anticipate future situations.
  3. Awareness of the degree of satisfaction: through surveys or evaluations, your company can significantly improve its services and attention to its users.

And remember, whoever is in possession of a database, is in possession of a treasure! That is why at LINK Mobility we want to help you take advantage of it through our SMS and email solutions.

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