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Combine the power of social media and email marketing

5 September 2018

We are again highlighting the importance of social media for your marketing plans since they offer a powerful channel that can lead to many business successes. In fact, more than 2,000 million Internet users are active on social networks.

So, to make the most of them, start practising social listening, in other words, monitoring what people are saying about you, about the competition, and about products and services related to your company. This can serve to detect trends and anticipate them, for example.

But from there, why not integrate social networks into email marketing? There is strength in numbers!

3 tips for integration

1- Link to social networks in your emails, using their corresponding icons. This will give the user easy, direct access to all social networks where your company has a presence so they can follow you, thus opening multiple channels of communication and possibilities for viralization. You can also take advantage of “click to tweet” to share certain phrases or quotes from your newsletter, for example, on Twitter.

2- Target your followers or fans with email marketing actions. With the user information provided by each social network we can offer followers special treatment and set up specific campaigns targeting them. But don’t forget that every social network has its peculiarities and its own “specific languages”, and for certain purposes some are more suitable than others.

3- Use the hashtag in email subject lines. This is not a new trend since it began back in 2015, but recently it is quite in vogue. It is very useful as a claim, as a call to action and to help group topics that you are interested in promoting.

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