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Christmas marketing: MERRY SHOPPING!

5 December 2019

The arrival of Christmas presents a golden opportunity for both large companies and SMEs. In fact, most of the annual marketing budget usually goes to Christmas campaigns. They are absolutely fundamental to the success of your business and naturally the goal is to get the best possible return on investment.

Logically, everyone is doing research on that area. Google has, of course, tested consumer trends during Christmas and provides several keys that companies should take into account. Facebook, for its part, has presented the Holiday Marketing Guide (2019), with interesting strategies for companies to maximize sales in the festive period.

Obviously, the sooner you start planning your actions, the better; then you will avoid problems caused by last-minute unforeseen events. This year’s campaigns almost parallel those of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you may find that users are fed up and less receptive, and this means you must fine-tune your aim as much as possible.

Discover the best strategies to collect the necessary data from your customers and sell your products or services at Christmas, but also to create branding and boost your brand.

Collect useful data beforehand

Prior work is essential to achieving an effective Christmas campaign, and it is absolutely necessary to have a good customer database so that your products-services reach who they should be reaching: database marketing is a key cornerstone of any company strategy.

One aspect of this approach is to obtain first-hand data (first-party data) directly from customers/consumers. This is the most valuable and relevant data because it comes directly from these sources, and is completely reliable. You can use numerous actions to collect it: from simply filling out a form when registering on the website, to offering some useful and free resource for the user with content that is of interest in return.

From there, the company will continue to contact the client to ask for more data and complete its database, according to its objectives. For example, some “details” can be changed for Reyes and the January sales campaigns.

Second-party data complements the former and can come from private sources, other commercial companies or government channels, for example. However, it is important to ensure the reliability of this type of data.

Once you have all your data, make good use of it by segmenting it for optimum personalization of the offer: address your users as intelligently and efficiently as possible. A customer who has been with you for some time is not the same as a consumer who has just subscribed to your newsletter.



What to do, what to avoid and how we can help you


Every year, companies reinforce their efforts to make the most of their Christmas campaigns and to create the strongest possible strategies. Advice and tips on how to succeed with campaigns at this time are flying around, especially considering that there are new consumer habits to take into account. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – today mobile is the protagonist and every campaign must be optimized for mobile phones, from start to finish. So, what about kicking off your discount offers and Christmas promotions by sending an SMS to your customers? And if this is a RICH SMS so much the better. The immediacy and high opening rate of short messages coupled with the many possibilities offered by rich messages and their personalization power will provide a solution to every one of your consumers’ needs.

And since some things never change, the important thing is to appeal to the emotion and excitement of these dates, for both giving and receiving gifts. These are the foundations of Christmas marketing. Just give the user a little push and provide an inspiration for them to decide to buy; if you also provide some incentive, total satisfaction is guaranteed.

Therefore, everything must revolve around Christmas. You will get better results if you add some Christmas touches to your products (for example, in the packaging) or if the contents of your communications and services are themed and adapted to these holidays. A specific landing page is a very good resource. Show a catalogue of offers, gift lists, create a Christmas video with your products or include a QR code or bar code for your promotions.

It is equally important to detect errors and correct them in time. There is no point having top notch marketing actions if your company is not ready to manage online orders on time and meet delivery commitments, if it is unable to respond to high demand and runs out of stock or if it does not properly coordinate all channels of communication and sales.

Lastly, it should be borne in mind that after Christmas come the January sales. This post-Christmas period is another good opportunity to create irresistible offers and achieve extra sales.

In short, increasing sales and generating engagement are the main objectives of Christmas campaigns, and it’s a job that requires time and excellent planning.

At LINK Mobility we are at your disposal to help you create and launch your Christmas campaigns via SMS, making the most of this period. That’s how you’ll bring 2019 to a successful close.

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