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Certified SMS in the banking sector, the perfect combination

3 April 2019

Certified communications have brought about a revolution due to their security and speed, in addition to the cost savings they bring, and the banking sector is making increasing use of them. In particular, Certified SMS, a SMS which has legal standing, is proving an exceptional channel for a multitude of financial tasks, being especially effective for the recovery and communication of debts, whether on a current account or a credit card, loan, etc. Digital Banking needs to offer the best services to clients and LINK Mobility makes these solutions available to the sector.

All advantages

Digital Banking, not to mention Fintech companies, require electronic communication to improve the user experience (UX) and the immediacy of communications. To this end, digital certification is a communication method that, in terms of the financial sector, brings with it many advantages (leaving the traditional bureaufax in its wake), whether for sending a key to confirm a transaction, or to activate or cancel a service or confirm the order to buy or sell securities.

*Cheap: this type of certified communication is at least 80% cheaper than traditional methods (bureaufax and letter).

*Reliable: in the finance sector security is paramount, and Certified SMS makes it possible to prove that communications and content are bona fide and have not been tampered with, with LINK Mobility guaranteeing the chain of custody. In its capacity as the telecommunications operator and therefore trusted third party, LINK Mobility maintains custody of the Certified SMS messages for 5 years, with it being possible to extend this period on demand when required by our clients.

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