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RICH SMS: Enhanced communications for your customers

Digital marketing has been in a state of constant evolution since its inception, and today, more than ever, it continues to tirelessly search for the most efficient way to reach the consumer’s heart and mind.

SMS in turn has also evolved into Rich SMS. This type of mobile messaging takes advantage of the multiple possibilities that connectivity (3G, 4G and now 5G) and smartphones offer to provide a much richer experience for the consumer on the one hand, and a way to accurately measure consumer behaviour during the experience on the other.

SMS messages are still limited to 160 characters, but they now offer the possibility of attaching a link to a landing page that is personalised for each consumer. This type of messaging allows you to improve your campaign results (ROI) by creating rich, engaging and personalised content.

What is the secret of Rich SMS? Find out everything these messages have to offer below.



The first new feature of Rich SMS is the possibility of incorporating short links, which give access to unique landing pages allowing the possibility of implementing KPIs.

The second feature is their “responsive” design, which means that the information that customers receive is much better structured than in traditional SMS messages. This allows the user to view a version of the website that is adapted to the device being used.

The third feature is that with Rich SMS you have the possibility of inserting emojis within the text, which improves the appearance of the message and captures the attention of the reader.


These features of Rich SMS make them a very effective channel for marketing campaigns, increasing performance thanks to the visual change and the innovations included. They are an excellent way to differentiate yourself from your competitor’s through content made by and for specific customers. Users interacting with this type of message will feel important and will approach the brand in their own unique way.

They allow you to send, redirect and convert.

In addition, they are a tool that allows you to track consumer “interests”, measuring the “hot spots” produced where each person clicks. Additionally, Rich SMS increase traffic to your website and can be complemented with messages on other channels, such as WhatsApp.

It only remains to say that to run a successful Rich SMS campaign you must know your target audience well. Adapting to the channels they use most to ensure direct and stable contact with them. They provide a channel from which you can extract useful information to include in subsequent campaigns.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your next Rich SMS campaign, you can count on us. Link Mobility can provide you with mobile solutions that will take your business to the next level.


SMS strengthen their positioning for communications in the health sector

SMS messages form part of the day-to-day communications between health centres and patients: new appointments, rescheduled appointments or reminders reach our mobile phones directly and quickly. In some cases, patients can make appointments themselves by sending a short message and, in other cases SMS messages are even used to keep the relatives of a patient who is undergoing surgery up to date. Undoubtedly, this channel is an effective way to optimise communications and offers many other possibilities for implementation.

Information, follow-up and patient care

The sending of SMS to patients in the form of programmed and personalised communications has become widespread in the health sector due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The first use was to send appointment reminders, which considerably reduced missed appointments, but many more uses have since been found:

– Information for blood donors: they are notified when their blood is sent to a hospital to treat another person who needs it.

– Surgical information in real time: patients’ relatives are informed of the different phases of the operation.

– Follow up of a treatment or taking of medicines: patients are reminded when it is time to take a certain medicine or they are given instructions on how to proceed.

– Reminders about vaccinations and annual check-ups.

– Notifications to collect test results.

– Information on pollen levels: high pollen concentrations are sent daily by SMS to inform asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

In addition, SMS are also used to communicate internally between health professionals themselves and to organize shifts or staff reinforcements in specific situations.

In summary, short messages offer a versatility that is being very well exploited by the various health areas. There are a wide range of possibilities, with more yet to come…


Winning the ground with SMS Inbound

In the terrain of non-intrusive marketing and quality content, which aims to accompany the user from their initial attraction all the way to achieving loyalty, SMS messages manage to capture the customer and maintain that motivation through effective interaction. At the same time this is the most immediate channel, recording opening rates of around 90% in the first three minutes. Thus, short messages within inbound marketing are an excellent way to reach the user in a subtle but direct way, always attending to their needs to achieve the final conversion.

This is a long road focused on the sale of the product or service but, above all, on creating an interest and trust between the company and its customers that goes much further than that.

How do you achieve this?

Step by step examples

Several strategies can be adopted to subtly but effectively connect with users from the start, turning them into leads and building loyalty. Here are some examples of how inbound SMS marketing works:

1-Attract: the first great effort is to make yourself known and be seen occasionally, appealing to the interest, need or curiosity of the user. Send a personalised SMS, in which your company is well identified, informing about a product or service of interest and offering something in return. For example, you can invite the user to participate in a draw or promotion.

In the field of NGOs SMS are really useful to provide information about campaigns and generate that initial interest.

2-Convert: this is about turning the visitor into a lead. The recipient is already interested in you and is looking for you. For this reason, you can send a subscription SMS and direct the user to a landing page where there is a powerful call to action (introducing the short URL in the body of the message).

3-Close: this is when the sale is made. You need to understand the needs and motivations of the client and sending an SMS with a brief survey can be useful to do this.

4-Loyalty: once the purchase has been made, you want the user to stay with you forever. How about sending them some discount coupons by SMS?. You can also send another survey, this time to check customer satisfaction or correct errors.

Certified SMS in the banking sector, the perfect combination

Certified communications have brought about a revolution due to their security and speed, in addition to the cost savings they bring, and the banking sector is making increasing use of them. In particular, Certified SMS, a SMS which has legal standing, is proving an exceptional channel for a multitude of financial tasks, being especially effective for the recovery and communication of debts, whether on a current account or a credit card, loan, etc. Digital Banking needs to offer the best services to clients and LINK Mobility makes these solutions available to the sector.

All advantages

Digital Banking, not to mention Fintech companies, require electronic communication to improve the user experience (UX) and the immediacy of communications. To this end, digital certification is a communication method that, in terms of the financial sector, brings with it many advantages (leaving the traditional bureaufax in its wake), whether for sending a key to confirm a transaction, or to activate or cancel a service or confirm the order to buy or sell securities.

*Cheap: this type of certified communication is at least 80% cheaper than traditional methods (bureaufax and letter).

*Reliable: in the finance sector security is paramount, and Certified SMS makes it possible to prove that communications and content are bona fide and have not been tampered with, with LINK Mobility guaranteeing the chain of custody. In its capacity as the telecommunications operator and therefore trusted third party, LINK Mobility maintains custody of the Certified SMS messages for 5 years, with it being possible to extend this period on demand when required by our clients.

Techniques for more effective commercial SMS messages

More than 80% of companies use SMS for commercial purposes and they are increasingly being used for notifications, alerts, or appointments. They are also an excellent way to develop customer loyalty.

But it is not as simple as it seems to get the most out of the SMS channel. Even in such a short message, you must strive to directly and clearly inform and persuade the recipient. That is why it is necessary to understand the particular characteristics of SMS and make use of some useful tricks to reach your customers at the right time and as effectively as possible. In addition to a good writing style, there are some other keys that have been shown to work to capture attention and achieve the desired conversion. Managing all of these to your benefit will make this channel one of the best allies of your business marketing.

Do you know how to make the most of these 160 characters?


5 uses and tricks

Being a good copywriter or creative editor is especially important for SMS.

We explained the most important keys to good copywriting in a previous article, but there are also other strategies that can be applied. Here are some ideas:

1- In addition to selling, use SMS to inform and improve customer loyalty: don’t restrict your use of SMS to selling your product/service, it is also useful to inform users about changes in your business (closing for holidays, for example), to welcome them as soon as you receive their registration data or to congratulate them on special dates such as their birthday or Christmas.

2- Short but specific language: okay, so we only have a few characters to transmit the message, but that should not mean lack of specifics: the information must be complete. If you say that you are the best, make it clear what you are the best at, or if you offer to solve a problem, indicate what type of problem. The user must know exactly how they will benefit from your product or service. It is also a good idea to warn them if there is deadline for offers and promotions, or if the links that you include will expire.

3- Use questions: when closing messages, it is very effective to pose a question as a call to action.

4- Create your own style: use expressions or words that identify you or even the occasional emoticon, which are increasingly “trendy”, but always suited to the message, more or less informal, depending on the occasion.

5- Include links: try to make them short so as not to waste characters, but incorporate them to provide complete information about your action and to increase traffic to your website.

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