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RICH SMS: Enhanced communications for your customers

Digital marketing has been in a state of constant evolution since its inception, and today, more than ever, it continues to tirelessly search for the most efficient way to reach the consumer’s heart and mind.

SMS in turn has also evolved into Rich SMS. This type of mobile messaging takes advantage of the multiple possibilities that connectivity (3G, 4G and now 5G) and smartphones offer to provide a much richer experience for the consumer on the one hand, and a way to accurately measure consumer behaviour during the experience on the other.

SMS messages are still limited to 160 characters, but they now offer the possibility of attaching a link to a landing page that is personalised for each consumer. This type of messaging allows you to improve your campaign results (ROI) by creating rich, engaging and personalised content.

What is the secret of Rich SMS? Find out everything these messages have to offer below.



The first new feature of Rich SMS is the possibility of incorporating short links, which give access to unique landing pages allowing the possibility of implementing KPIs.

The second feature is their “responsive” design, which means that the information that customers receive is much better structured than in traditional SMS messages. This allows the user to view a version of the website that is adapted to the device being used.

The third feature is that with Rich SMS you have the possibility of inserting emojis within the text, which improves the appearance of the message and captures the attention of the reader.


These features of Rich SMS make them a very effective channel for marketing campaigns, increasing performance thanks to the visual change and the innovations included. They are an excellent way to differentiate yourself from your competitor’s through content made by and for specific customers. Users interacting with this type of message will feel important and will approach the brand in their own unique way.

They allow you to send, redirect and convert.

In addition, they are a tool that allows you to track consumer “interests”, measuring the “hot spots” produced where each person clicks. Additionally, Rich SMS increase traffic to your website and can be complemented with messages on other channels, such as WhatsApp.

It only remains to say that to run a successful Rich SMS campaign you must know your target audience well. Adapting to the channels they use most to ensure direct and stable contact with them. They provide a channel from which you can extract useful information to include in subsequent campaigns.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your next Rich SMS campaign, you can count on us. Link Mobility can provide you with mobile solutions that will take your business to the next level.


A warm welcome to our new CEO

On 23rd September, Guillaume van Gaver became LINK Mobility Group’s new CEO, replacing the former CEO, Thomas Berge, who will continue in his position as the company’s CFO. Van Gaver is an internationally educated professional with 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, telecommunications and the retail sector. He has worked in management, business development, B2B, digital channels, marketing, sales and customer service.

This accomplished manager joins LINK in a position of high responsibility, with the aim of continuing to establish the company as a European leader in the messaging and mobile solutions market.

An international professional

“I look forward to continuing LINK’s exciting journey with the team across all Europe. LINK is currently the leading provider of mobile messaging and mobile communication services for businesses in Europe, and we have aspirations of becoming the leading partner in other markets. We are experiencing a strong and growing demand within our industry, and we are highly motivated by the opportunities that lie ahead. We will achieve our great potential through passion and hard work!” With this declaration of intent, Guillaume van Gaver became our company’s new CEO.

Jen Rugseth, founder of LINK Mobility and a member of the Board of Directors, says, “Guillaume has a comprehensive understanding of this evolving market, including customer needs, innovative measures and new business opportunities. I am confident that he is the right person to lead the way at LINK, as we continue to expand our presence and our business.”

Van Gaver’s career began in the United States, working for Arianespace in its marketing area, focusing on mobile telephony. Subsequently he has worked in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Eurasia. He was Director of Direct Sales for Orange UK in London, focusing on digital channels, and Commercial Director in charge of Marketing Sales and Customer Service for Mobinil in Egypt. His most recent position was that of international Executive Vice President (EVP) for the communications company Tele2. He is also currently director of i-surance, based in Zurich.

Welcome! And go get ‘em!

Why have a corporate blog?

A company’s communication with its customers / suppliers / partners should be carried out through all possible channels, and a corporate blog is a very interesting option that offers many advantages and can enhance your digital reputation. As long as it offers quality content that is of interest to your audience, and as part of the inbound marketing strategy, this communication channel helps you to differentiate yourself from the competition, boost customer loyalty and even promote calls to action.

What are you waiting for to implement it?

Uses and advantages

A corporate blog is a space in which a company can offer useful information that is of benefit to the reader. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to publishing news about the company, but also show how your advances and achievements can have a positive effect on the client and share any important novelty in the sector that is of interest to your target audience.

Thus, through quality content that is published regularly, you can establish a “dialogue” with the reader that will benefit you in terms of branding and loyalty, and ultimately generate a good reputation. Moreover, you can include unobtrusive calls to action within the articles (download a manual, register for a course, subscribe to the newsletter, etc.).

Furthermore, it is ideal for the blog to be organised by categories and for the contents to be linked to social networks, in order to receive higher quality visits.

In addition, the blog will be a very valuable tool for getting to know your audience, through the visits or comments they send you. You can also establish conversations between users who comment on their opinions about the company, its products and services.

In short, a blog makes you more “human”, brings you closer to your customers and prospects, as well as allowing you to communicate your company philosophy. These are all advantages!

We look forward to seeing you at the Wholesale World Congress!

Another year has passed and one of the most important international appointments for the telecommunications sector has come around again – and at LINK Mobility we don’t want to miss it. In Madrid, on 11th and 12th September, the Wholesale World Congress will be bringing together mobile operators, suppliers and technology partners to create new business relationships, strengthen existing ones, and publicise all the latest developments in the SMS, voice and data sector, making the most of the networking opportunities. We will be located at the entrance to the SMS Corner, the exclusive space for short message technology, in which we are a leading company.

See you at table 33 and 34!

The potential of SMS

The Hotel Meliá Castilla is once again hosting a new edition of the Wholesale World Congress and from LINK Mobility we want to take advantage of the opportunity to create new business opportunities and reinforce our leadership in the SMS channel.

In addition, as in previous years, we will be offering tastings of Iberian ham and wine together with a few extra surprises for our customers, suppliers and visitors.

Don’t forget, we will be waiting for you on 11th and 12th September at table 33 and 34 in the SMS Corner.

More SMS Marketing from PDM and LINK Mobility

The strategic marketing agency, People Define Marketing (PDM) and LINK Mobility have launched a collaboration agreement to enhance our SMS marketing solutions. This has become the preferred channel in business strategies, ahead of other messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. The two companies will collaborate closely to offer the most pioneering and efficient digital marketing services on the market, such as SMS coupons or mobile payment features, among many others.

Fruitful collaboration

The data speaks for itself: companies send about 228 million SMS per month. The short message channel, with its high ROI, is becoming the most effective channel to create impact and achieve the best results in business communication (both B2B and B2C). That’s why the partnership between PDM and LINK Mobility aims to strengthen SMS marketing and get the most out of it. LINK Mobility will support the digital transformation processes of the marketing agency’s clients through its multi-channel platforms, LINK Conversations, LINK Coupon, Rich SMS, LINK Collect and Mobile Payments.

Clients such as Carrefour, Cortefiel, Grupo Vocento, Cepsa, Sanitas and Real Madrid, among many others, will benefit from this close and fruitful collaboration.

Addalia and LINK Mobility, collaborating closely on document technology

LINK Mobility is collaborating with Addalia to offer the validation of files, documents and their contents together with biometric verification for the management of document processes and the corresponding SMS notification of the validation status.

Addalia develops software for the validation and processing of data, documents and identities for critical business processes, with RPA modules for front-end capture and validation, automation of the operator’s back office, and even registration and traceability through blockchain. From now on, thanks to the authentication SMS offered by LINK Mobility, the management of the evidence obtained will be enhanced. With this synergy, we can provide solutions that promote compliance with current regulations PSD2 and in particular for the obligated subjects in PBC/FT legislation (prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism) and the video identification specifications published by SEPBLAC.

Authentication by SMS

In Spain and Latin America, and mainly focused on clients offering financial and telecommunications services, Addalia and LINK Mobility offer secure private transactions in onboarding and identity validation processes and digital processes. Sending an SMS avoids travel, eliminates paper documents, improves authentication security, confirms the onboarding process and provides certified evidence of processes with legal validity.

This agreement strengthens the efforts of Link Mobility and Addalia in the prevention of fraud by the alteration of documentation, identity theft or duplication of SIMs when contracting or managing services remotely. LINK Mobility’s two-factor authentication service by SMS provides a code sent by short message (which usually expires in a few minutes), and allows the user to confirm their identity, which adds further evidence to that provided by Addalia, such as the integrity and correspondence of the identity data sent with those provided by documents, biometric verification, validation of bank accounts with bank receipts or extracts, deposits, or direct debits.

In short, the collaboration between Addalia and LINK Mobility, the largest provider of messaging and mobile solutions for companies in the European market, is aimed at achieving total customer satisfaction by offering a more complete service. Our clients are benefiting from the best products of both companies and furthermore, other possible avenues for collaboration are opened.


LINK Mobility and Pecunpay offer the most complete biometric recognition on the market

‘Through the agreement between LINK Mobility and the electronic money company Pecunpay, the Fintech ecosystem and neo-banks will be able to fight against money laundering thanks to a service called KYC (Know your Customer). This complete service, allowing biometric recognition, followed by a digital signature, is included within the client validation processes that have become obligatory in order to comply with the new European standard PSD2.

An API via SMS or email

The KYC tool aims to combat financial crime and has full legal validity. It is the most complete service on the market for this purpose and is easy to implement, through an API that is integrated into the customer environment.

The process is as follows: the customer receives an SMS or an email to validate his or her identity, then an ID card capture is performed together with a biometric validation or proof of life. Then, the information collected is accepted and finally the process of advanced digital signature with a OTP is passed. Lastly, you get a signed, certified contract with all the evidence that can be uploaded to the Blockchain network to ensure its total inalterability.

In this way, people are unequivocally identified during the virtual customer registration process and, consequently, money laundering is combated.

Pecunpay, seeking to extend the offer to its customers, has also included in the agreement with LINK Mobility advanced services through SMS, coupons and mobile payment options combined with the communication options.

LINK Mobility optimizes mobile messaging with Oracle Responsys

At LINK Mobility we are improving communications between companies and their customers even more, thanks to the integrated messaging services of the Oracle Responsys platform. Oracle has chosen us as a partner because we have the necessary technology and experience in the field of mobile messaging to succeed in an expanding market.

The Oracle Responsys SMS Public Aggregator Network (SPAN) is an easy-to-use self-service application available on the Oracle Marketing Cloud that allows customers to more easily find, request, and manage SMS services directly from the aggregator of their choice.

The result is a better customer experience, increased acquisition and conversion rates, consolidation of retention and overall return on investment (ROI).

Industry-leading tool

This new integrated marketing tool, with high-value mobile reach, enables greater flexibility and scalability in reaching users, and greater operational efficiency. Most importantly, customer relationships are significantly improved, bringing them closer and making them more personal, as well as the degree of commitment to them.

With this partnership, LINK and Oracle are pooling their efforts to advance and access a wider, developing market. Today, LINK offers global messaging services in more than 200 countries and now has the ability to deliver them through a popular and well-established platform, like Oracle Responsys. As Arild E. Hustad, CEO of LINK MobilityGroup, says: “Given LINK’s proven ability to reach and engage mobile users through strong digital convergence, our clients rely on us as their preferred partner in mobile messaging. Therefore, we believe Oracle Responsys clients around the world will benefit greatly from our joint experience.”

Winning the ground with SMS Inbound

In the terrain of non-intrusive marketing and quality content, which aims to accompany the user from their initial attraction all the way to achieving loyalty, SMS messages manage to capture the customer and maintain that motivation through effective interaction. At the same time this is the most immediate channel, recording opening rates of around 90% in the first three minutes. Thus, short messages within inbound marketing are an excellent way to reach the user in a subtle but direct way, always attending to their needs to achieve the final conversion.

This is a long road focused on the sale of the product or service but, above all, on creating an interest and trust between the company and its customers that goes much further than that.

How do you achieve this?

Step by step examples

Several strategies can be adopted to subtly but effectively connect with users from the start, turning them into leads and building loyalty. Here are some examples of how inbound SMS marketing works:

1-Attract: the first great effort is to make yourself known and be seen occasionally, appealing to the interest, need or curiosity of the user. Send a personalised SMS, in which your company is well identified, informing about a product or service of interest and offering something in return. For example, you can invite the user to participate in a draw or promotion.

In the field of NGOs SMS are really useful to provide information about campaigns and generate that initial interest.

2-Convert: this is about turning the visitor into a lead. The recipient is already interested in you and is looking for you. For this reason, you can send a subscription SMS and direct the user to a landing page where there is a powerful call to action (introducing the short URL in the body of the message).

3-Close: this is when the sale is made. You need to understand the needs and motivations of the client and sending an SMS with a brief survey can be useful to do this.

4-Loyalty: once the purchase has been made, you want the user to stay with you forever. How about sending them some discount coupons by SMS?. You can also send another survey, this time to check customer satisfaction or correct errors.

Lucía Medina, our new Commercial Director

Lucía Medina, our new Commercial and Marketing Director, brings her great experience in top level multinational companies to the role. For the last 15 years she has led highly qualified teams in the field of digital marketing and online payments and is passionate about innovation. She has extensive experience in the development of e-commerce initiatives, mobile payments and the development of the IoT. Lucía joins LINK Mobility Spain with the aim of consolidating the company’s leadership in Spain and implementing the group’s strategic and growth plans.

Sales and so much more

Bringing her background and her successful track record of executing strategic initiatives, managing interdisciplinary teams, organisation and sales, Lucía is heading the sales and marketing department at an excellent time for LINK Mobility Spain, which never ceases to develop.

With a degree in economics and an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa, Lucía believes in achieving objectives through personalised customer service. She will be in charge of highlighting the value of all the company’s services and of planning the sales strategies to obtain the best results.

On a personal level, Lucía is the mother of three children and a passionate traveller.

Welcome Lucía!

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