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Verify the identity of your customers, protect your business with LINK eKYC.

LINK Mobility continues to fight for security in digital ecosystems. The growing need for companies to protect their business in online environments means that solutions are needed to eradicate the problem of identity theft, money laundering, “ghost” accounts, etc.

With the desire to continue helping our clients in the digital onboarding process, LINK Mobility continues to innovate and launch complete solutions which, in accordance with European regulations, allow for the online verification of clients in real time by capturing their ID card, with proof of life checks using biometric recognition and, if necessary, the assembly of documentation in real time for its subsequent digital signature. This is a completely digital process from start to finish.

One sector in which this solution is very useful is the banking sector. Banks have a large portfolio of clients and every day people come through their doors, ready to entrust them with their money. But who are the banks trusting?

The process of digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic last year has forced these institutions to reconvert quickly by offering their services in a much more accessible way through the online channel, and from any technological device (mobile phones, computers, etc). Because of the need to facilitate online processes, Fintech ecosystems and digital banks have had to face greater threats from false identities and money laundering.

LINK Mobility’s eKYC solution, Know Your Customers, provides companies with a service that protects them from these financial crimes, and also offers them certified documentation of the digital “onboarding” processes with full legal validity.

How does LINK eKYC work?

It is the most complete service on the market, an API that is integrated into the consumers’ digital environment without interrupting the flow of identity validation.

It’s easy, quick and simple. The process consists of the following steps:

At the end of the process, a signed and certified contract is obtained with all the previous proofs attached. This document is protected with a digital certificate with an official time stamp that ensures its inalterability.

Keep your business secure with verified digital clients, thanks to LINK eKYC. For more information contact us by phone (+34) 912 160 100 or by email

SMS MARKETING: How to launch your first Christmas focussed SMS campaign

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two very coveted days for business in this year of uncertainty and constant change, comes the most anticipated month of the year. This final month closes the year with great opportunities for companies and SMEs.
Do you want to learn how to launch the best Christmas campaign for your business? Read on.
For all kinds of businesses, the holidays are an opportunity to foster relationships with your customers, increase sales, attract new customers, build up the loyalty of your current ones and improve your positioning and image. It is essential for any company, which is why this is the campaign in which the most is invested in terms of actions and advertising, and the main objective is to obtain a good return on investment (ROI).

In order to obtain good results, it is necessary to put in place some prior steps:


You need to know the trends and your target, so you can make your communications more direct and effective. There are several studies that can help you to focus your research.

THINK WITH GOOGLE “CHRISTMAS 2020: How to adapt your strategy to new consumer habits”

This document provides key information regarding different consumers and their respective behaviours. This year, it is expected that online mobile channels will be preferred over offline channels to begin the search for products and services, which means that your communications must be directed towards the mobile with campaigns using SMS, email, newsletters and social networks. Although the physical shop will continue to be the place where the purchase is completed, omnichannel and online sales are growing exponentially, especially through the mobile.

The consumer profile is made up of 90% women with an average shopping cart of 217 euros and 85% men with a cart of 234 euros. The majority of sales will be made in the following sectors: clothing and accessories, culture (e.g. books), electronics, sport, beauty, toys and home.


The giant Facebook is also not far behind with its extensive study which reveals the most striking current insights.

Generation Z and the Boomers dominate the digital terrain, such as mobile telephony and e-commerce. 80% say they will shop online. Their favourite device continues to be the mobile phone, which has seen increased confidence in SMS and messages between companies and customers.

Christmas is about giving gifts to each other, but this year the tendency to give yourself a gift has clearly increased in these difficult times. According to the study, 74% of people surveyed are currently looking for gifts for themselves. Help them to find out what they want and make the shopping process more user friendly for them.

Also, economic considerations have increased in importance due to the COVID-19 crisis. 43% of respondents stated that the pandemic has had or will have a critical impact on sales, which is why the sector must do all it can to adapt to the customer’s pocket. The solution is to offer your consumers discounts or customised promotions.

After exhaustive research, it is time to choose the useful data that will serve as a basis to communicate your products and services to a list of potential customers or simply to create branding. Once the most appropriate data has been chosen, it’s time to segment your audience, personalising the message you are going to send to each one to make a communication campaign that stands out and is relevant.


Every year, the Christmas campaign is crucial for businesses, which strive to make the most of their Christmas marketing strategy.

Mobile is still people’s most used and loved channel. LINK Mobility can help you launch your amazing offers, discounts and promotions through the channel that works best for your potential customers. Next comes the how.


SMS is the perfect combination of efficiency and utility. These text messages have a high open rate, are easy to read and reach the customer quickly. They can appeal to the feelings of the recipient or can serve to send a discount code. Either way, we have a solution for every communication. The three most used and efficient are:

And since some things never change, the important thing is to appeal to the emotion and excitement of these dates, for both giving and receiving gifts. These are the strong points of Christmas marketing. Just give the user a little push and provide an inspiration for them to decide to buy. If, in addition, you provide some incentive, satisfaction will be complete.

Therefore, everything must revolve around Christmas. You will get better results if you add some Christmas touches to your products (for example, in the packaging) or if the contents of your communications and services are themed and adapted to these holidays. A specific “landing page” is a very good resource. Show a catalogue of offers, gift lists, create a Christmas video with your products or include a QR code or bar code for your promotions.

It is equally important to detect errors and correct them in time. There is no point having top notch marketing actions if your company is not ready to manage online orders on time and meet delivery commitments, if it is unable to respond to high demand and runs out of stock or if it does not properly coordinate all channels of communication and sales.

Lastly, it should be borne in mind that after Christmas come the January sales. This post-Christmas period is another good opportunity to create irresistible offers and achieve extra sales.

In short, increasing sales and generating “engagement” are the main objectives of Christmas campaigns, and it’s a job that requires time and excellent planning.

At LINK Mobility we are at your disposal to help you create and launch your Christmas campaigns via SMS, making the most of this period and bringing 2020 to a successful close.

How to position your business by digital transformation

The need for digital transformation is no longer a thing of the “digital future”, it’s more than present now and in the blink of an eye it will already be a thing of the past.

The digitalisation of a company

Is “the action and effect of implementing technology, tools and digital resources to optimise the work process”, leading companies and society to evolve. It is not just about teleworking or having an online shop; it is an entirely new way of working, thinking, acting, treating customers and providing the company with the technology it needs to carry out its activities.

This spring we all found ourselves having to adapt to circumstances. In April 2020 alone, digital commerce grew by more than 55%, and although each sector, is implementing digitalisation at different rates, the mentality is global, and we all need to get an update.

It’s not just companies that are going digital, but also customers and users. They have changed the way they search, buy (eMobile or e-commerce), consume and communicate with businesses. They are more informed and companies must become more competitive to meet the needs of increasingly demanding customers.

During the digital transformation we can face several challenges. One of them is digital “onboarding” also known as the moment of online payment, but how can we make it reliable, easy and quick for both parties?

The solution we offer is…

LINK eKYC Certified

A tool for verifying and certifying the identity of the person who is making the purchase.

It consists of 3 steps:

  1. Verification of the identity document presented by the buyer (ID, passport, NIE, etc.) which is validated in seconds using OCR technology and the analysis of the eKYC itself.
  1. Real-time facial scan of the person using biometric technology. All that is required is for the person to have their photo taken, processed and compared with the image on the identity document. Finally, a proof of life check is performed using a code or fingerprint.
  1. A verification is obtained in a single document, where all the evidence is gathered (steps 1 and 2), which has legal validity that can be used by the company as legally binding evidence.

Transform your company’s onboarding process safely and efficiently, as well as achieving other benefits, such as:

Our Product and Customer Success Director for Spain, Manuel Virseda Benito concludes:

“Companies increasingly need to identify their users remotely, and even more so now with the new COVID-19 situation, where contactless operations are becoming a must. Finding a good technology provider with a simple, agile and secure solution is no easy thing, as there are many companies offering this type of technology and it’s not easy to choose well if you don’t have a good knowledge of this market. At LINK Mobility we are proud that our business partner is Mitek, a leading multinational in digital identity technology, meaning we can go to market with a solution designed with and for our customers. LINK eKYC certificate verifies and certifies the identity of your customers remotely and in real time. Digitalise your processes at the same time as minimising the risk of fraud and complying with current legal regulations.”

Contact us on (+34) 912 160 100 or by email

Success case: Deipe, the most complete software for the integral management of optician stores

At LINK Mobility we are proud to be collaborating with Deipe, a company specialising in software development for opticians, undergoing international expansion and with more than 2,200 points of sale globally.

This software has specialised modules for managing all the daily processes of an optician, and also has a more marketing part dedicated to developing leads and customer loyalty. It is in this latter part that LINK Mobility and Deipe have collaborated, generating added value for their clients through this platform.

By integrating our advanced SMS technology with the Deipe platform, we have created the perfect match for all those opticians who want to communicate with their customers at any time in the conversion funnel using the channel with the highest open rates, SMS.

The Optical Sector and SMS

The optical sector is one of the most competitive in the market, since the products that are marketed are usually very similar or even identical. It is difficult to build customer loyalty in such a fragmented environment, so marketing and communication is an even more important factor compared to other sectors or products.

Moreover, in this area, marketing campaigns are very seasonal, with clear stages of peak sales, such as the summer campaign, in which sales of sunglasses and contact lenses soar, and smaller campaigns, such as Christmas, Black Friday, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. This is why it is even more important to carry out effective marketing campaigns that differentiate you from the competition.


David Dominguez, Director of Operations at Deipe, supports this theory and adds:

“In these competitive environments, as is the case with opticians, new clients have the opportunity to generate more business, grow and develop more strongly thanks to SMS Marketing and the other solutions offered by Deipe’s software.”

Both actions to develop leads, such as 2×1 promotions, discounts, offers, and those to build loyalty, such as reminders to buy contact lenses and annual eye examinations etc., are especially important in this sector.


From LINK Mobility we can confirm that SMS is without a doubt, the best channel for communicating with your clients and sharing this type of action, since 95% of SMS are opened in the first 3 minutes of their receipt.

Online and SMS payment methods 

Due to the rapid expansion of the Digital Sector (the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, mobile data, speed and total connectivity) and the changes in consumption habits brought on by COVID-19, companies are required to have up-to-date and reliable payment methods, now more than ever.
Security, variety and providing a guarantee are the three crucial requirements for payment methods used in digital commerce.


Consumer habits on the Internet:

• E-commerce has 1.66 billion users (21.8% of the world’s population).
• Men spend 68% more than women. Their purchases are less frequent but their average expenditure is higher.
• Millennials do not yet have the economic capacity to spend large amounts of money, but when they enter the job market they are expected to revolutionise the digital market.
• 65% of potential buyers use different e-commerce sites to compare prices (even when they are in a physical store).

In order to be successful in the online environment, the most important points to consider are: how to attract attention, how to offer a powerful value proposition, and – what users consider to be most important of all – how to make customers feel secure when paying.

It is now possible to invoice your customers through the SMS channel

We are introducing LINK Mobile Invoice: a new digital invoicing solution that allows you to send payment requests for new available invoices through the SMS channel.

The process is very simple: The user receives an SMS with a URL that takes them to a landing site. The system generates a landing page with the billing data, using your company’s colours and logo, and sends an SMS to the end user. Once the process is complete, the user receives a certified communication that guarantees the process.

This digital invoicing solution can be used for:

  1. Recovery of overdue invoices.
  2. Charges for digital services.
  3. Requests for provision of funds.
  4. Ticket sales for events.
  5. And much more.

All this in an easy, intuitive and personalised landing page, which ensures greater profitability, and which is quick and simple to use. LINK Mobile Invoice offers partnerships with the main payment/collection methods (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc.).

If you want an easy, fast and secure solution for carrying out your company’s payments, visit our website and get more information here.

Trends in Inbound Marketing: Smart Forms, Predictive Lead Scoring and Data Collection through the SMS Channel. 

Inbound Marketing first started to be used in 2005, and although its objective has remained the same – namely, to attract potential customers organically and build up their loyalty – the techniques employed have evolved significantly over the last 15 years.

Recently, new trends have emerged in Inbound Marketing, the most notable of which are smart forms, predictive lead scoring and data collection through the SMS channel.

Smart forms

These are lead capture tools that segment the data, allowing us to obtain the relevant information of value and identify whether it is an interesting lead for our company.

Unlike other forms, smart forms collect data and store it in a database, inserting a cookie into the user’s browser so that, when a user is recognised, the form will request different information, rather than requesting information we already have.

Predictive lead scoring

The leads we get have to pass a scoring process, which allows us to know whether to assign a customer to the sales phase (when he/she is ready to buy), or alternatively whether we should continue with the marketing plan, or else abandon the customer entirely.

The advantage this method has over traditional lead scoring is that the process is automated through an algorithm, which analyses the attributes a customer shares with others who have already made the purchase, and assigns them a conversion percentage.


Data collection through the SMS channel

LinkMobility has the perfect solution for obtaining and updating your customer data, generating invitations and registrations, creating surveys or contests, or obtaining consents and ratings, through a channel that has one of the highest opening rates: the SMS.

The Link Collect system will help your company to:

•Establish a customer portfolio or loyalty programme.

•Update existing data and collect new data.

•Find out what your customers think.

•Interact with your customers through invitations, coupons or stamps.

•Personalise your communication with each customer.

•Achieve direct and individualised communication.

Communicate in 5 simple steps, using a multichannel and completely secure approach (GDPR). Make the most of Inbound Marketing through LINK Mobility.

For more information, click here.

Do you need help running Inbound Marketing campaigns or managing your collected data? Call us on (+34)912 160 100, or write to us at

SMS solutions you may not have known exist

Mobile technology is evolving in leaps and bounds. One of the fields in which this evolution is particularly striking is SMS. The classic SMS messages that have been sent for more than 20 years have nothing to do with the new solutions presented by technology companies such as LINK Mobility.

Advances in technology have turned the SMS channel into a whole new world to be discovered: from discount coupons and payment solutions via SMS to the electronic verification of your customers’ identities.

Learn more about the history of SMS and the innovative solutions it offers.

History of the SMS

The SMS, as we know it, was born in the UK in 1992, when programmer Neil Papworth sent a message from a computer. It wasn’t until seven years later that the use of this new channel began to become popular, turning into the newest way of communication between friends and family and, of course, between companies and their customers.

The SMS not only changed the way we communicated, but also established a new language among its youngest users, who, in order to save characters, started using abbreviations such as the classic “2moro”.

At the beginning of the year 2000 there was a qualitative improvement with the development of the well-known multimedia messages (MMS), which allowed the download of pictures, ring tones and other multimedia content. Although in the field of personal communications, other media such as WhatsApp have replaced the SMS, in the commercial field, the SMS has continued to evolve in leaps and bounds, developing solutions that allow companies to launch different and innovative marketing campaigns.

SMS Coupon

Converting the classic paper coupon to the online world has never been easier. The SMS Coupon allows you to create a micro-landing page in a simple and intuitive way, which you can customise with images, text, links and discount coupons.

These discounts or promotions can be redeemed both online and offline, through alphanumeric codes or QR codes that can be generic or personalised for each customer.

LINK Mobile Invoice

It is now possible to request payments from your customers via SMS. Through a very simple interface, you can notify your customers of overdue invoices, send requests for payment for new available invoices, recharge digital wallets, make payments for subscription services, etc. and all of this supported by the main financial operators, helping you to increase the speed of payment collection and reduce payment delinquency.

Certified eKYC

Reduce the percentage of fraud through the validation of the identity of your customers, verifying that you are dealing with a real person and, in addition, that the digital identity and the physical identity coincide, thus generating a certificate that verifies the electronic identity of your customers.

The operation is very simple: the user receives an SMS with a URL that takes them to a platform, where they have to upload their identity card and a selfie photo that is compared with the identity card.

If you find these solutions innovative, do not hesitate to contact us at or by filling in our form

Customer loyalty, more important than ever

Having regular customers is the most important value for companies, because a long and lasting relationship brings ongoing benefits. In times of COVID-19, when the economy is being hit hard, it is even more important to keep your regular customers through effective and innovative loyalty marketing campaigns (in Spanish).

The vital importance of building customer loyalty lies in its many advantages, and it is easier and less costly to keep customers who are already loyal. Furthermore, satisfaction with the product, service, purchase process and customer service is the best advertising for your company.

A quality product or service is of the utmost importance for ensuring that a customer stays, but apart from that there are several marketing actions that will help you to guarantee your customer’s loyalty:

Loyalty programmes

Although this an approach that has been used for years and with great effectiveness through point programs, VIP clients and gifts for those who recommend your brand, at LINK Mobility we have new solutions that can help you to build customer loyalty. This is the case of the LINK Coupon solution which allows you to send discounts that can be redeemed, both online and offline, through the SMS channel.


Boost the sale of your products and services by staying in regular contact with your customer. In this case, SMS can be a very novel channel for sending newsletters, as it is one of the least saturated channels with open rates of over 95%.

Find out what your customers think

Being aware of your customers’ opinions can help you make important decisions in your marketing strategy. Conduct surveys through the SMS channel with our LINK Collect solution and find out how your customers perceive your product or service. Using this solution you can carry out simple surveys directly from mobile phones, obtaining results and analysis in real time.

Offer excellent customer service

This is a determining factor in the decision to purchase and in the post-sale period. Ensuring that the customer is happy with the product or service is something that is often overlooked and yet it is undoubtedly an important factor in achieving customer loyalty. At LINK Mobility we offer solutions such as LINK Conversations that will help you to improve your customer service.

All these loyalty actions are extremely important for creating a stable and reliable business, and for making companies more human, real… In today’s fluctuating market, it is fundamental that your customers come back. Do you need help planning your next loyalty campaign? Contact us by email at or by filling in our form

5G and the new features it offers 

We’ve been talking about this for years and years, and it’s not just because we work with the latest mobile technology – it’s because it has so many applications. Flying cars and toasters with voice assistants are still some way off, but 2020 promises to be the year that 5G is implemented. Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and LG have already started to bring out mobiles capable of taking advantage of this network capacity… But while we’re waiting to have it in our pockets, we’d like to explain exactly what it is and what it involves.

What is 5G?

The 5G network is the result of the evolution of the current 4G; it’s the fifth generation of the wireless and communication technology that we use in our mobile devices to send messages, photos, videos, surf the internet and make calls. It’s nothing new, but it does represent an evolution in mobile telephony.

Changes from 4G to 5G

What’s new with 5G

In short, 5G will connect us all with each other and to everything, all day long and with the greatest possible speed. Are you ready?

KYC or Know Your Customer  

This is not a new magical marketing formula; you are not about to discover America. However, it is a solution for many of the problems that companies have, especially financial ones, such as with internet payments and the frauds they can lead to.

Know your Customer (KYC), is a key tool that helps you to verify the identity of your customer preventing them from carrying out illegal transactions, whether national or international. It was implemented in Europe in 2017, with the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AML4). It serves to control the identity of current and future customers, collecting their data and sharing it with the central administration.

It arose from the global and legal requirements of online business, when, due to its increase in volume, it became necessary to impose some rules.

How does KYC work?

The procedure consists of two elements:

It is implemented during the first contact with the new customer, when collecting his or her data and checking that the person is who they say they are. Some companies do this in person and others do it through a complete digital process (eKYC) using third party sources. For example, the customer can enter their fingerprint (a function available in most smartphones), facial recognition checks can be carried out with the help of biometrics, or security checks can be used, such as entering passwords or sending an SMS with a code to the phone.

By gathering all the data, you can create a theoretical plan for the customer’s account and then view their movements to make sure there is nothing suspicious or out of place.

This process is applied worldwide, has proven to be very useful in preventing fraud, meeting companies’ need to know who is buying from them and who they are selling to, protecting themselves and others who could be affected by financial crimes and making it much easier to set up an account: less paperwork, faster; overall, it provides better service to customers.

At LINK Mobility we use these principles in our Digital Certification solutions with the main objective of authenticating the holder. In addition, our system safeguards all your certificates for at least 5 years from the date of shipment and has legal validity as evidence in court.

If you need more information about our Digital Certification solutions, do not hesitate to contact us at our email or by phone at (+34) 912 160 100.

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