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KYC or Know Your Customer  

This is not a new magical marketing formula; you are not about to discover America. However, it is a solution for many of the problems that companies have, especially financial ones, such as with internet payments and the frauds they can lead to.

Know your Customer (KYC), is a key tool that helps you to verify the identity of your customer preventing them from carrying out illegal transactions, whether national or international. It was implemented in Europe in 2017, with the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AML4). It serves to control the identity of current and future customers, collecting their data and sharing it with the central administration.

It arose from the global and legal requirements of online business, when, due to its increase in volume, it became necessary to impose some rules.

How does KYC work?

The procedure consists of two elements:

It is implemented during the first contact with the new customer, when collecting his or her data and checking that the person is who they say they are. Some companies do this in person and others do it through a complete digital process (eKYC) using third party sources. For example, the customer can enter their fingerprint (a function available in most smartphones), facial recognition checks can be carried out with the help of biometrics, or security checks can be used, such as entering passwords or sending an SMS with a code to the phone.

By gathering all the data, you can create a theoretical plan for the customer’s account and then view their movements to make sure there is nothing suspicious or out of place.

This process is applied worldwide, has proven to be very useful in preventing fraud, meeting companies’ need to know who is buying from them and who they are selling to, protecting themselves and others who could be affected by financial crimes and making it much easier to set up an account: less paperwork, faster; overall, it provides better service to customers.

At LINK Mobility we use these principles in our Digital Certification solutions with the main objective of authenticating the holder. In addition, our system safeguards all your certificates for at least 5 years from the date of shipment and has legal validity as evidence in court.

If you need more information about our Digital Certification solutions, do not hesitate to contact us at our email or by phone at (+34) 912 160 100.

LINK Mobility and Pecunpay offer the most complete biometric recognition on the market

‘Through the agreement between LINK Mobility and the electronic money company Pecunpay, the Fintech ecosystem and neo-banks will be able to fight against money laundering thanks to a service called KYC (Know your Customer). This complete service, allowing biometric recognition, followed by a digital signature, is included within the client validation processes that have become obligatory in order to comply with the new European standard PSD2.

An API via SMS or email

The KYC tool aims to combat financial crime and has full legal validity. It is the most complete service on the market for this purpose and is easy to implement, through an API that is integrated into the customer environment.

The process is as follows: the customer receives an SMS or an email to validate his or her identity, then an ID card capture is performed together with a biometric validation or proof of life. Then, the information collected is accepted and finally the process of advanced digital signature with a OTP is passed. Lastly, you get a signed, certified contract with all the evidence that can be uploaded to the Blockchain network to ensure its total inalterability.

In this way, people are unequivocally identified during the virtual customer registration process and, consequently, money laundering is combated.

Pecunpay, seeking to extend the offer to its customers, has also included in the agreement with LINK Mobility advanced services through SMS, coupons and mobile payment options combined with the communication options.

Certified SMS in the banking sector, the perfect combination

Certified communications have brought about a revolution due to their security and speed, in addition to the cost savings they bring, and the banking sector is making increasing use of them. In particular, Certified SMS, a SMS which has legal standing, is proving an exceptional channel for a multitude of financial tasks, being especially effective for the recovery and communication of debts, whether on a current account or a credit card, loan, etc. Digital Banking needs to offer the best services to clients and LINK Mobility makes these solutions available to the sector.

All advantages

Digital Banking, not to mention Fintech companies, require electronic communication to improve the user experience (UX) and the immediacy of communications. To this end, digital certification is a communication method that, in terms of the financial sector, brings with it many advantages (leaving the traditional bureaufax in its wake), whether for sending a key to confirm a transaction, or to activate or cancel a service or confirm the order to buy or sell securities.

*Cheap: this type of certified communication is at least 80% cheaper than traditional methods (bureaufax and letter).

*Reliable: in the finance sector security is paramount, and Certified SMS makes it possible to prove that communications and content are bona fide and have not been tampered with, with LINK Mobility guaranteeing the chain of custody. In its capacity as the telecommunications operator and therefore trusted third party, LINK Mobility maintains custody of the Certified SMS messages for 5 years, with it being possible to extend this period on demand when required by our clients.

Retailers say goodbye to paper invoices

Electronic invoicing is a factor for success that the retail sector does not want to give up. Already in 2016, the 2nd Estudio de competencias digitales en la empresa (Study of Digital Competences in Companies) by the Institute of Digital Economics (ICEMD-ESIC) showed that 43% of companies carried out online banking operations and 21% had adopted accounting and electronic invoicing. Thus, they have gradually incorporated electronic invoicing solutions that streamline financial processes. Always securely, and with all legal guarantees.

Digital invoicing with guarantees

Nowadays it is common for paper to coexist with electronics, but more and more people are opting to digitally manage and exchange thousands of payment vouchers. Retailers have realised the many advantages that this brings: cost savings, optimised storage, more agile work processes, etc.

However, in this transformation to digital accounting we must ensure that everything is authorised and in order. We can send the invoices electronically, with the legal proof continuing to be the invoice on paper, or we can do all the paperwork exclusively in digital form. This is where digital certificates come into play, due to their legal validity. In this way the electronic invoice replaces the paper invoice to all effects, with the data encrypted and with no possibility of the documents being manipulated.

If you want to know more about all the requirements and provisions regarding electronic invoicing and the electronic storage of invoices, you can consult the Spanish legislation in Order EHA/962/200


LINK Mobility renews its ISO 9001 and “Confianza Online” certificates

LINK Mobility SPAIN emplea los criterios de calidad en la toma de decisiones, asegurando que son una prioridad y garantizando que son adecuados al contexto y propósito de la organización. Además, la satisfacción de los clientes un valor fundamental de nuestra estrategia empresarial.

En cumplimiento de estos compromisos tenemos implantado un Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad que se adapta constantemente a la normativa. Así, hemos renovado recientemente la certificación ISO 9001:2015 ajustando los procesos de la norma anterior a esta, de forma satisfactoria.

Del mismo modo, hemos renovado el certificado de Confianza Online que se ocupa de la seguridad, transparencia y fiabilidad en el entorno digital. Este sello de calidad conlleva el cumplimiento de un código ético, que incluye la privacidad y protección de datos personales, y se renueva anualmente.

LINK Mobility siempre vela por tu seguridad y satisfacción.


Calidad en la comunicación electrónica

El nuevo certificado ISO 9001:2015,válido hasta 2019 y otorgado por Certificación y Confianza Cámara, S.L.U avala que el sistema de gestión de la calidad de LINK Mobility Spain para sus servicios de comunicación electrónica cumple todos los requisitos exigidos. Esta norma es un estándar de referencia reconocido a nivel mundial, para multitud de sectores. Es beneficiosa a nivel interno de la empresa (por ejemplo, de cara a la formación de los empleados) pero está claramente enfocada a la satisfacción de los clientes. Así, en varios apartados de la norma se hace referencia a cómo comunicar y se establecen ciertos requisitos como que la comunicación con los clientes debe proporcionar la información relativa a los productos y servicios, ha de tratar las consultas, los contratos o los pedidos, incluyendo los cambios; y tiene que obtener la retroalimentación relativa a los productos y servicios.

En definitiva, una visión de la empresa actualizada, que vela por una gestión eficiente y que nos hace más competitivos y nos aporta un valor añadido.

Si quieres saber más sobre el certificado, aquí tienes toda la información.

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